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What You Need to Know About Applying for A Malaysian Driving License

If you’ve settled on Malaysia as your first post-pandemia travel destination, it’s better to know a few things about getting around in case you decide to lease a vehicle there. Keep these 10 facts as your cheat-sheet and you shouldn’t come across any issues.

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Applying for A Malaysian Driving License

Firstly, you should know the basic rules that will help you enjoy your stay with no problem.

  1. A negative PCR test is required, no older than 72 hours before the trip OR
  2. Proof of vaccination such as a legal certificate.
  3. Quarantine for 7-10 days is necessary upon arrival (certain travellers only)
  4. A document that confirms your reasons for staying.

Vaccines accepted by the Malaysian government.

  • Moderna
  • Pfizer
  • CanSino
  • Janssen
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca.
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac.

Types of Driving Licenses in Malaysia

If you are a foreigner travelling to Malaysia for a short period of time, you could just stick with an international driving license. Although it will only let you drive your personal vehicle for 90 days within the country.

To be able to drive a car for a longer period of time you may be required to apply for a local driving license.

How Do I Apply for a Malaysian Driving License?

It’s a bit of a tedious process in some ways, but having a legal permission to drive in Malaysia may help you avoid potential complications. Therefore applying for one when you want to stay in the country for some time is a must.

Application and obtaining process looks a bit like this.

  • You apply for a local certified driving school.
  • Get an 84% score or higher on a driving test that consists of 50 questions.
  • Get a Learning Driving License by doing a car maintenance course (valid for 6 months max).
  • Complete the minimum of 10 hours of driving lessons and then the road test.
  • Only when you successfully pass all tests you get a Provisional Driving License. The permit lasts two years.
  • After the two years mark you can exchange the Provisional Driving License for a Competent Driving License.

Remember that getting any penalties or fines during the two year period may result in your license being annulled. Don’t exceed the 15 penalty points to successfully obtain your driving document.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Malaysian Driving License?

For each of the licenses the list of required documents is slightly different. Although one continuously remains the same. For an eligible driving document every applicant needs an image of high quality representing their current appearance.

If you want a photo that both complies with all necessary requirements and looks good, then using an online service to get your Malaysian driving license 25×32 mm photo is the way to go. Besides, you can take it yourself from the comfort of your home.

Basic requirements include the following.

  • A white backdrop.
  • 32x25mm in size.
  • Head coverings are allowed for religious purposes.
  • No glasses or hair in the face.
  • Neutral facial expression.
  • Must be high-quality with no visible defects.
  • No artificial editing allowed.

I Have an International Driving License. Can I Swap It for a Malaysian Driving Permit?

Yes, this is allowed for a list of specific countries. You may find out whether you’re qualified to do so here.

Can I Renew My Malaysian Driving License?

After your license is expired you can renew it for one, two up to five years. It costs RM30 per year.

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