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MLA Heading Format Guide With Examples

MLA is a format that many colleges and learning institutions have adopted. It has a classic MLA topic which you can see at the top left side of the page. You will also see the student’s name, date, course, and lecturer’s name on the same page.

The major challenge with MLA is that many people experience problems when it comes to writing using the style. Our guide will show you how to use the MLA headings effectively. MLA is an abbreviation for the Modern Language Association. You will follow all the rules when you get the instruction.

MLA Heading Format Guide

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Implementing the MLA heading format

Making the MLA format practical is very easy if you use the word format. However, google docs prove to be a bit challenging, but you can easily make it. You will need to know what needs to be placed at what point. For instance, if you find the following details at the top left, the format is used.

Sharleen K. Shirley
Professor McDonald
English 2023
10th March 2020.

You will not have the headings with any underlining in such a format. It can only happen when the college has instructed that you have the underlining. You also need to note that specific headings come along with the MLA headings. For example, the header above only appears once on the first page.

The header

The header itself is composed of the student name. It has a slight difference that you have to place on the right side of the paper, usually at the top. It contains the last name of the student. It appears with the corresponding page numbers. The name comes first, and the number follows, as shown below.

Martin 5

Martin’s name is the last, and 5 is the page number. It means that the header must appear on all pages. For our case, it is page 5 preceded by the name Martin.

Using the MLA header format in writing

The process of writing and inserting the header is easy. However, for google docs, you must have some expertise in using it.

Microsoft word

For the case of Microsoft Word, you will use the following procedure.

  1. Select the Insert tab on the keyboard.
  2. Click the page number option and then select the right alignment.
  3. On the header that you locate on the page number part, click until it is active.
  4. Now write your name before the page number. The font must be 12, and the writing in Times New Roman. After this, you will check if there are additional college instructions for your implementation.

Using the google docs

It is not surprising that most students use google docs these days. However, you will need some understanding to use it, especially for those using mac. The process is as follows.

  1. Click the Insert tab on the keyboard.
  2. Go to the header and pick the page number option on the header
  3. Click the arrow while placing the mouse on the header part
  4. A toolbar should appear. You will continue to do the alignment the same way you do with Microsoft word.
  5. Select the insert option, then page numbering, and finally pick the left alignment option
  6. Now pick the page number and add your name before it
  7. The last item is to check if the font is proper.

Basic rules of MLA headings

We know the rule about page numbers, last name, and title page. The alignment of the name has to be a half-inch. The primary purpose is to clarify the page numbers and the content.


Are you still confused about the use of MLA headings? We are here to help you do the formatting correctly. Get in touch with us in your subsequent formatting work to ensure you do your best.

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