What Equipment Do You Need For Table Tennis?

Taking up table tennis is no easy task regardless of the mindless fun it brings. Even if you are a complete novice and have never picked up a table bat before, you need to get acquainted with the basics, namely what equipment you need in order to play.

A Brief History of Table Tennis

The game has had multiple names because different manufacturers have tried to patent it as their own trademark. Still, eventually, the ping pong nickname stayed as the game became more and more popular.

History of Table Tennis

It was invented in the 1880s as a way to recreate an indoor version of lawn tennis, but the first actual game of table tennis took place in 1890.

The Equipment You Need

1890 or 2022, ping pong has not changed a lot. Apart from a worthy opponent, you also need a bat, a table, some balls, and a net. And if you’re really serious about stepping up your game, you will undoubtedly benefit from some quality clothes and sports shoes.


Firstly, you need your very own bat to accompany you in all wins and losses. Hopefully, you and the bat will be a perfect match, and it will become your loyal friend in turning pro. The table racket is made up of mainly wooden blades, and it has to be a great fit for your hand to generate good levels of spins and develop control over the ball.

Table For Table Tennis

When your ping pong hobby turns into a passion, you might consider getting a pro table for your backyard yard and honing your skills at all hours of the day.

A full-size tennis table is 9 ft x 5 ft (274 cm x 152.5 cm), so you should consider getting a bigger house if you lack the needed space. On a more serious note, the indoor and outdoor tables differ in size so that you can plan accordingly.


One might think that buying balls for table tennis is a piece of cake, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are several different types of balls: training balls, competition balls, and cheap balls that are not designed for more vigorous playing.

You should also consider the materials the balls are made from – it could be celluloid or non-flammable plastic, and the difference is significant, so choose wisely.


A bad net might not be a total killjoy when it comes to messing around with the ball, but if you are looking to play some hardcore table tennis, you should pick a net that is easy to set up and adjust and doesn’t cause trouble in the middle of the game.


Practice is the key to winning in all kinds of sports, but suitable and quality sportswear is the first step to developing your skills. If you want to just play around with your kid on an old tennis table in the schoolyard, you might do well in sweat pants and a casual T-shirt, but owning a professional garment is a must if you’re into competitive sports.

For instance, a formal table tennis uniform includes short-sleeved jerseys, shorts or skirts, and socks. When shopping for table tennis clothes, focus on lightweight, breathable fabrics, such as polyester. In cool weather, prioritize a comfy jacket or tracksuit so that the cold doesn’t interfere with your playing.


All sports footwear should give your great physical support and help you be the best player you can be on the field. Tennis shoes are a serious investment, so they must be made from highly durable material.

This type of shoe differs from ordinary sneakers as they are more lightweight and have thinner soles. You have to move like a fox around the tennis table, and a quality pair of shoes can help your feet become resistant to tiredness.


Backpacks, batwallers, or edge tape are just some of the accessories that will help you along your journey into table tennis stardom. No detail is small or insignificant enough when you go in for the win.

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