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The list of values for all the pets in Pet Simulator X, including normal, golden, rainbow, and dark matter, is provided below. Please check out the active Pet Simulator X codes for freebies if you are brand-new to the game. Let’s move right along to the PSX tier list right away.

List of Pets (Pet Simulator X) – Pet Simulator X Value List Wiki

Pet Simulator X Value

Check out our Pet Simulator X value list to see how much each pet is thought to be worth before you spend your hard-earned gems or diamonds! Many seasoned players on the Official Pet Sim X Trading discord server have calculated the value.

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Most Valuable Pet Simulator X Pets

When all rarities are taken into account, the rainbow variant of the exclusive toy pet Huge Chest Mimic, which can be purchased for about 150 trillion diamonds, is currently the most expensive and valuable pet in Pet Simulator X. The Huge Cat, which can be purchased for about 19 trillion diamonds, is currently the most expensive standard version of any pet.

Here is a list of some of the most valuable pets in Gems:

Huge Pets

  • Rainbow Huge Cat: 38 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Dragon: 31.75 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Dog: 27.5 Trillion
  • Huge Cat: 19.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Easter Cat: 14 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Storm Agony: 10.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Santa Paws: 10 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Easter Cat: 10 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Dog: 8.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Dragon: 8.75 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat: 8.7 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Pumpkin Cat: 8.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Forest Wyvern: 7.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Santa Paws: 7.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 7.4 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 6.95 Trillion.
  • Rainbow Huge Lucky Cat: 6.7 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Super Corgi: 6.4 Trillion
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat: 6.35 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Forest Wyvern: 5.95 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Pony: 5.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 5.7 Trillion.
  • Golden Huge Lucky Cat: 5.6 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Sleipnir: 5.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 5.4 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Super Corgi: 5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Storm Agony: 4.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Sleipnir: 4.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Floppa: 4 Trillion
  • Huge Santa Paws: 3.8 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Festive Cat: 3.4 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Floppa: 2.8 Trillion
  • Huge Storm Agony: 2.2 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Festive Cat: 2 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Backed Cat: 1.15 Trillion
  • Huge Dragon: 1.05 Trillion
  • Huge Dog: 1 Trillion
  • Huge Forest Wyvern: 700 Billion
  • Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 670 Billion
  • Huge Lucky Cat: 600 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Cupcake: 600 Billion
  • Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 550 Billion
  • Huge Pony: 540 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Pixel Cat: 400 Billion
  • Huge Super Corgi: 350 Billion
  • Huge Sleipnir: 340 Billion
  • Golden Huge Hacked Cat: 320 Billion
  • Huge Festive Cat: 300 Billion
  • Golden Huge Cupcake: 225 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Hell Rock: 150 Billion
  • Golden Huge Pixel Cat: 185 Billion
  • Huge Hacked Cat: 105 Billion
  • Golden Huge Hell Rock: 40 Billion
  • Huge Cupcake: 65 Billion
  • Huge Pixel Cat: 65 Billion.
  • Huge Hell Rock: 15 Billion.

Here are the latest valuations of some of the new pets:

  • Rainbow Huge Neon Twilight Wolf – 10 Trillion.
  • Huge Green Balloon Cat – 3.5 Trillion
  • Huge Neon Twilight Dragon – 2 Trillion
  • Huge Neon Twilight Wolf – 800 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Egg – 65 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Dragon – 22 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Tiger – 13 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Cat – 9 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Wolf – 7 Billion
  • Golden Huge Neon Twilight Wolf – TBA
  • Golden Huge Neon Twilight Dragon – TBA
  • Golden Huge Green Balloon Cat – TBA
  • Rainbow Huge Neon Twilight Dragon – TBA
  • Rainbow Huge Green Balloon Cat – TBA.

Pet Simulator X Value List November 2023

This is the main list of values for Pet Simulator X. The pets can be filtered by Rarity, Source, and Demand rating and sorted from least expensive to most expensive. You can look for your preferred animal as well. The list currently includes more than 180 animals. Since some pets are either unreachable, untradable or have a low value due to how simple they are to obtain, we haven’t included every pet in the game. As the default ranking order is sorted from highest value to lowest, based on the best rarity of each pet, this can also be used as a value tier list. However, we’ll move all of the newest pets to the top of the listing whenever a new update is made available.

As mentioned above, there is no set date on which Roblox actively updates these values, and will constantly change unpredictably.

  • Galaxy Dragon: 190 Billion Gems
  • Nebula Dragon: 190 Billion Gems
  • Storm Wolf: 180 Billion Gems
  • Galaxy Pegasus: 180 Billion Gems
  • Domortuus Astra: 180 Billion Gems
  • Chest Mimic: 140 Billion Gems
  • Signature Big Maskot: 128 Billion Gems
  • Electric Slime: 125 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Darkwing: 115 Billion Gems
  • Nyan Cat: 115 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Astra: 110 Billion Gems
  • Mushroom King: 110 Billion Gems
  • Noobortuus: 110 Billion Gems
  • Og Doge: 100 Billion Gems
  • Storm Dragon: 100 Billion Gems
  • Wicked Angelus: 90 Billion Gems
  • Sapphire Phoenix: 80 Billion Gems
  • Blob Fish: 80 Billion Gems
  • Guest Noob: 70 Billion Gems
  • Hell Chest Mimic: 65 Billion Gems
  • Sad Cat: 57 Billion Gems
  • Sock Monkey: 55 Billion Gems
  • Grumpy Cat: 50 Million Gems
  • Stacked Doge Noob: 35 Billion Gems
  • Pterodactyl: 42 Billion Gems
  • Lava Scorpion: 18 Billion Gems
  • Storm Agony: 17 Billion Gems
  • Sock Corgi: 17 Billion Gems
  • Starfall Dragon: 15 Billion Gems
  • Super Cat: 15 Billion Gems
  • Blobenstein: 14 Billion Gems
  • Wicked Empyrean Dragon: 12 Billion Gems
  • Yee Haw Cat: 9 Billion Gems
  • Punkey: 9 Billion Gems
  • Lucky Cat: 8 Billion Gems
  • Rainbow Unicorn: 8 Billion Gems
  • Fairy Queen: 7.5 Billion Gems
  • Sea Dragon: 5.5 Billion Gems
  • Pony: 4 Billion Gems
  • Super Corgi: 4 Billion Gems
  • Ice Cream Cone: 3 Billion Gems
  • Gargoyle Dragon: 3 Billion Gems
  • Otter: 2.5 Billion Gems
  • Super Corgi: 2 Billion Gems
  • Orca: 1.7 Billion Gems
  • Koala: 1.6 Billion Gems
  • Keyboard Cat: 1.5 Billion Gems
  • Rave Crab: 1.5 Billion Gems
  • HippoMelon: 1.5 Billion Gems.

Mythical Pets Value List

  • Dark Matter A-36: 700 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter Pixel Demon: 200 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter Ghoul Horse: 150 Million Gems
  • Rainbow Pixel Demon: 80 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl: 80 Million Gems
  • Dark Matters Santa Paws: 30 Million Gems
  • Rainbow Hellish Axoloti: 25 Million Gems
  • Golden Pixel Demon: 20 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter 404 Demon: 10 Million Gems
  • Pixel Demon: 8 Million Demons.

Best Huge Pet Enchants:

Super Teamwork, Teamwork Strength, Chest Breaker, Charm, Rainbow Coins IV & V, Uniques

Worst Huge Pet Enchants:

Agility, Diamonds, Gifts & Irrelevant Coins.

Best Mythic Pet Enchants:

  • Unique – Royalty.
  • Common – Super Teamwork, Teamwork, Chest Breaker III, Strength V, Rainbow Coins

Worst Mythic Pet Enchants:

  • Unique – Glittering, Magnet.
  • Common – Agility, Diamonds, Gifts, Irrelevant Coins.

What is the most expensive pet currently in Pet Simulator X?

At the time of writing, the most valuable pet is the exclusive Huge Chest Mimic, which is worth around 150 Trillion Gems as a starting value.

How often do Pet Simulator X values change?

As mentioned above, there is no precise in which the valuations of respective animals change and will fluctuate as time passes.

Roblox has a group on their official website for this exact topic where they frequently update fans of the series on this exact topic – which is a good source to check for pet values.

Alternatively, stick with us and we will update you on all the goings-on regarding Pet Simulator X values and what has changed over the coming months and will keep this page regularly updated to ensure you don’t miss out.

Best Friend Pets in Pet Simulator X

The special enchant “Best Friend” makes the animal always as powerful as your best pet. All “Huge” pets already have it, so enchanting cannot be used to acquire it. Since you can always use them on your main team, they are typically the most expensive and sought-after pets in the game. The additional benefit is that your team will have one fewer pet to farm.

And that concludes the Pet Simulator X value list for the time being.

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