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Top Picks In Android Finance Apps You Must Use

Finance Apps Android: The importance of finance apps that work on smartphones cannot be underestimated. Whether you require assistance in managing your personal finances or want to get your business accounting, billing, and other MIS in order, there’s nothing like a smartphone app that can be activated with just a press of a finger to bring you up to date. Among the various operating systems that smartphones work on, Android is one of the most popular. This article gives an overview of some of the most used finance apps on the Android platform.

Best Android Finance Apps for You

Best Finance Apps for Android

Credit Karma

This is the perfect finance app for those who want to always stay on top of their credit rating. Credit Karma provides credit scores as well as credit reports completely free of charge from two agencies. Equifax and TransUnion. The free features include monitoring on a daily basis of the credit report from TransUnion as well weekly updates of the report and scores. You also get credit alerts through push notifications and personalized recommendations as well as all the tools you need to monitor all your accounts.

The new version has a redesigned layout that is cleaner while the upgraded dashboard brings to your notice any key changes to your profile. Notification and alerts are now in a list that is very easy to read. The android finance app has received very good reviews and currently has more than 35 million subscribers.

Chase Mobile

This app makes it extremely convenient to do all your banking transactions online from your Android smartphone. You just need to enroll at Chase Online and you are good to go to access your bank account at Chase 24×7. You can at will, view the transaction history and account balances as well as find out the reward status of your debit and credit cards.

Chase Mobile Finance App

Chase Mobile App


You can perform a variety of banking transactions such as paying bills and settling credit card dues; transferring money between different accounts at Chase, use Chase QuickPay to request and send money, organize wire transfers and even deposit checks. You can schedule transactions and edit the pending ones too. The android finance app lets you locate the closest ATMs and branches of Chase as well as speak with the bank’s customer service personnel.

Wells Fargo Mobile

The Wells Fargo mobile app lets users visit their account balances as well as deposits that are pending. Details of earlier transactions can be searched for very easily. You can view the amount, date, location and other details on a single page just as in the online banking service. The balance of credit card reward points can also be easily seen. You can deposit checks and send money using an email address or just a mobile phone number to others having accounts in financial institutions that participate in their network.

Users can transfer money into their own accounts and also pay bills on a real-time basis or schedule bill payments with the app. Customers who are already using the Bill Pay services can have their payee details transferred automatically to the app. If you have WellsTrade Wells Fargo Advisors accounts then you can monitor your accounts, including balances, and activity, and place orders for execution. All market news, including quotes on real-time, market date and charts are available on the app. The usual ATM locator service is there of course.

Bank of America

Bank of America

Bank of America

With the Bank of America app, users can check their credit card and savings bank accounts for activity and balance information. It is possible to view account and routing information, edit description of transactions and even request replacement of lost credit and debit cards. Users can monitor their accounts in Merrill Lynch and Merrill Edge accounts and also set up alerts to be warned of important security and account information.

App users can transmit and receive money using just an email address or a mobile number to domestic bank accounts held in other banks. You can pay your bills or schedule payments and also transfer money between your different Bank of America accounts. Depositing checks is as easy as taking a photo of the instrument and sending the picture through the app to the bank. The android finance app also lets you access top debt consolidation reviews.


PayPal is one the most widely-used apps to pay money in a really simple way. Earlier available only on the website, the app makes available the convenience on your Android smartphone. You can use PayPal to buy virtually anything and everything, and settle the bill with a fund transfer from your PayPal account. The convenience is now greater with PayPal payments getting accepted in local stores, restaurant, cafes and an ever-increasing list of places is getting added on continuously.

Main use of the instant money transfer facility is to contribute your share of a lunch expense or pool in money for an outing with office colleagues. There’s no end to what you can use PayPal for. You can always keep a tab on your account balance, or see your transaction history on the go whenever you wish, round the clock.

Use PayPal Securely on Your iPhone

Capital One

The Android smartphone app from Capital One is the easiest way of managing all your Capital One relationships such as banks accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts. You can conveniently and securely view all recent transactional activity, check balances, deposit checks, schedule and pay bills, transfer funds from one account to another and locate ATMs or bank branches. Credit card customers can use the app to pay their monthly dues, schedule payments in the future and manage the accounts that have funds from where the credit card bill will be paid.

The Purchase Eraser feature enables users to redeem their reward points or frequent flyer points. Using the mobile app, Capital One 360 customers can deposit their check into their accounts and payments to different persons. They can also activate their checkbooks and credit cards. Bank customers can make payments of their bills from their account, transfer money from Capital One account to another as well as deposit checks into their Capital One bank accounts. The android finance app uses advanced security features to protect data security and customer confidentiality.

So, which Android Finance App in this list is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us.

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