The Gadget Lowdown: 5 Essentials to Smarten Up Your Home Office

When you work from home, whether it’s full-time or odd days when you’re not in the office, it can be difficult to create a space that is conducive to a successful days work.

As more business upgrade their offices with the latest technology, it’s time to give the humble home office a facelift. After all, working from home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the latest technology.

Essentials to Smarten Up Your Home Office

Here’s our top 5 essential gadgets to increase your productivity, and smarten up your home office.

Multifunction Printer

For any home office to be an effective place to work, it must contain the right tools. A multifunction printer with HP 5400 ink can print, photocopy, fax and scan, all from the one device. As most modern multifunction printers come complete with wifi capabilities, you also don’t have to worry about any messy cable connections.

When sitting up a home office with limited space (and a limited budget), the last thing you want is to have to purchase multiple large machines. Multifunction printers provide an incredible cost saving measure by allowing users to purchase one device that performs multiple functions.

The multifunction printer is therefore the saving grace of any space-limited, budget-friendly and efficient home office.

Wifi Booster

Fact and efficient access to the internet, is essential for any home office. Slow wifi connectivity can be incredibly frustrating, and can slow down your productivity. Let’s face it, most home wifi connections are not exactly reliable, but investing in expensive wifi technology is not exactly feasible on a home budget.

A WiFi booster works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. This can effectively double the coverage area of your existing WiFi network, without setting you back too many dollars.

Air Purifier

One of the downsides of working from home, is that your office can often be right in the middle of a messy family home. We all know how distracting it can be to complete work when surrounded by mess.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier is, therefore, essential in order to keep your office space clean and fresh, and to provide an environment that will harness your productivity.

Modern air purifiers remove dust, pollen and other irritants from the air in your office. They can also be connected to your smartphone, so you can easily check the air quality and set up a custom purifying schedule.

Encrypted Hard Drive

Protecting sensitive information can be difficult when working in a home office. Encrypted hard drives provide high-capacity, secure portable storage using an pin authenticated system. These devices are incredibly convenient for those working between home and the office, and who need to transport and collective sensitive data.

Sound-Isolating Headphones

Working from home can leave you trapped in the middle of a family warzone. When you need to switch off  from family life and knuckle down, sound-isolating headphones are your ticket to a few precious hours of productive work.

This gadget uses active noise cancellation technology to block out sound, whilst still allowing you to listen to music or take calls. What is active noise cancellation? If you learn more about it, you’ll find that this exciting technology is actually much simpler than you think.

Portable Laptop Monitor

Portable Monitors

Multi screens were previously limited to desktop computer setups. However, with more and more people working on their laptops from home, portable laptop monitors have started to pick up popularity. Using an additional screen increases your productivity when using a laptop, and are compatible with most popular brands.

Upgrading your home office is essential in order to remain productive, and to produce your best work. If your home office is well overdue in receiving an upgrade, investing in these gadgets is a good place to start!

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