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Why Cloud Hosting Your Apps is Beneficial

In a recent poll, over 53 percent of app users said that they would abandon a program that takes longer than three seconds to load. Making sure the apps you put out for mass consumption are reliable and easy to operate is essential.

Cloud App Hosting

Failing to focus on the health of your apps can lead to them crashing on a regular basis. Continually monitoring the performance of your apps is a great way to figure out where issues exist. Once these issues are discovered, you will need to fix them immediately.

The following are some of the reasons why cloud hosting your apps is beneficial.

1] Easily Deploy Your Applications

For most developers, using the cloud is essential due to how easy it is to deploy new apps. In the past, server-based apps would take forever to get to market due to the complexity involved in launching them on this type of system.

With a cloud-based system, like AWS, you can launch your apps without having to worry about the server aspects involved.

Using Elasticbeanstalk and Papertrail to launch your apps will allow you to get this process done quickly and correctly. Once the app has been launched, you will be able to monitor its performance. Making sure the app is working properly is crucial when attempting to make it successful.

2] Scaling is Simple in the Cloud

In the past, getting more bandwidth for an app would be both very expensive and time-consuming. By hosting your apps on the cloud, you can scale up or down with the click of a button.

Most apps have peak times during the week. By scaling your app down outside of these peak times can help you save money on server expenses.

If you are tired of paying outrageous amounts of money on traditional server based hosting, then now is the time to embrace the power of the cloud.

Before choosing a cloud hosting provider, be sure to do your homework. Rushing through this decision can lead to you overpaying for the hosting you need.

3] Better Monitoring Capabilities

Traditional server-based monitoring revolved mostly around CPU and memory usage. Using the cloud will allow you to leave these metrics in the past and focus on more important data.

Most of the cloud hosting providers out there will provide monitoring tools that can tell you how well your app is performing.

Is your app not performing at peak levels? If so, it may be time to increase your bandwidth to avoid slow page load speeds and app crashes. While this increase may cost you more money, it will allow you to better serve your users.

Better Monitoring Capabilities

4] Serverless Architectures are Great For Developers

One of the biggest trends in the world of app development is using serverless architectures. With these programs, developers can easily deploy applications in a hurry. Once these applications have been launched, these serverless architectures will monitor them closely to ensure they are running properly.

Being able to launch apps in such a timely manner allows businesses to address the needs of their audience quickly. By staying with current trends in the world of cloud-based applications, your business can create a competitive advantage with ease.

Rather than using outdated methods of app hosting, now is the time to make a switch to the cloud. While it will take some time and effort to transition over, the work you invest will definitely be worth it.

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