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PinMsg – An Advanced & Secured Way to Stay Connected

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Everyone look to connect each other in the world of smartphone used as multipurpose gadgets. PinMsg, and advanced and secure smartphone messenger allowing free text messaging, group chatting and file sharing with your family and friends.


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PinMsg, an advanced and secure messenger, is all set to redefine the use of smartphones. Step into the new world of interaction by downloading this revolutionary smartphone messenger and get connected with your loved ones in a more advanced and secured way.

iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones are technologically advanced mobile phones that allow their users not only to stay connected but also to stay tuned with the vigorously changing world.

Smartphone messengers and applications have made these mobile telecommunication devices multipurpose gadgets. The newly developed smartphone messenger, PinMsg, conveniently and cost-effectively connect sites users with family and friends by allowing free text messaging, group chatting, images, videos and files sharing using the existing data plan or a Wi-Fi connection.

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Prominent Features of PinMsg

Plethora of smartphone messengers are available online, then why to choose PinMsg. If this is what you are thinking, just have a look at the prominent features of PinMsg.

Be Nearby, Be Spotted :-

“Nearby” feature of PinMsg is an effort to bring people together in real life rather than just connecting people online. It shows all the friends who are in your neighbourhood. Next time when you get stuck in some problem or simply need a short break from your work, check out the “Nearby” option on PinMsg to spot friends in vicinity.

 Pin for Authenticity, PinMsg for Privacy & Security :-

“Pin” makes PinMsg a Secure Messenger. Unlike many other smartphone messengers, a 6 digit unique number is assigned against each and every user account of PinMsg. Its just like BBM chat service, that you can contact people with the unique PIN. To ensure authenticity and security of the user account, this pin also acts as the verification code assigned to the authorized user.

PinMsg uses 256 Advanced Encryption Standard to keep your messages private. Since logs are not saved in server, it guarantees that no one can intercept the communications you do using PinMsg.
Chats remain private and secured till the time no one other than the authorized user has access to them. Therefore, this smartphone messanger application has option to lock its logs too.

All for One, One for All :-

A single person has to maintain many relations, family, friend, relative and colleague, none of which can be ignored. PinMsg allows creating multiple groups to chat with number of people at a time. When you want to chat or share something with a single person listed in this smartphone messenger list you can have a private chat but when you want to share some news, images, videos with more than a person, you can broadcast it on group chat.

Library of Memories, Gallery of Photos, Videos and Files :-

PinMsg is a secured smartphone app with a Gallery option. It saves the photos, videos and files shared in an organized way to provide an easy access to the memories you would like to cherish time and again.


If feedbacks help to motivate a team, suggestions help to improve the user experience. PinMsg users can share their feedbacks and suggestions by contacting our support team via email or through Facebook comments, likes and shares, Twitter tweets and Instagram posts.

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