How to Convert Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird?

Convert Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird

Email platforms like Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Mac Mail, Google Apps etc. are some of the renowned emailing and messaging platforms. They are better-quality email applications used generally all over the globe. Sometimes, Lotus Notes user wants to convert all the mailbox data to Thunderbird which is possible only with external application.

How to Convert Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird

You can obtain SysTools NSF Converter because such external tools are helpful to accomplish Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird migration successfully. Professionals like forensic connoisseur prefer using IBM Lotus Notes but face trouble in understanding the features and functionality of the Lotus Notes email client. It is not viable to work on Lotus Notes in dissimilar situations thus many of users migrate to Thunderbird client which is compatible with accessibility anywhere.

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Steps of Converting Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird :-

Step 1: Download NSF Converter and convert whole or selected Lotus Notes mailbox items like email, contacts, and calendar etc to EML file format. Convert Lotus Notes NSF data once done, the user can easily import converted files into Mozilla Thunderbird by drag and drop.

NFS-Converer - Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird

Step2: To import EML files into Mozilla Thunderbird just you have to follow 3 simple steps.
First: Open your Mozilla email client.


Second: Create a new subfolder by right click and give a name to a newly created folder.


Third: Just drag and drop all the .eml files from machine to the newly created folder.

convert Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird

Don’t worry about attachments, database integrity or “how to convert Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird” it’s easy as 1 2 3… Download free NSF Converter software from their website, Convert Lotus Notes to EML, and last Import EML files for Thunderbird.

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