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RBL Bank Credit Card: Payment, Statement & Reward Points

The RBL bank is one of the oldest private sector banks in India. Its credit cards are one of the best-in-class, custom-tailored products provided to the bank’s 8.44 million committed customers across the country.

These credit cards have long been regarded as the best in the industry for clients seeking an easy way to make purchases and manage their finances.

RBL Bank Credit Card

The RBL credit card provides various distinct perks, including emergency financial aid and funds to purchase other items without any complications. Keep reading to learn more about the RBL credit card payment methods and other aspects.

Methods for RBL Credit Card Payment

To keep your credit card active and enjoy benefits, you must make your RBL credit card payment. Fortunately, RBL Bank offers a variety of online and offline options for paying your credit card bill quickly and easily.

Here is detailed information about the various options of the RBL credit card payment.

Online Payment Options


You can use the NEFT option for your RBL credit card payment. You can simply transfer the funds by adding RBL Bank as your beneficiary.


Through IMPS, you can pay your bill in a short time. You need to add a few details to transfer the amount, such as IFSC Code, credit card number, bill amount, contact details, and more.

Net Banking

To pay bills through net banking, you need to add RBL as your biller. You can transfer the value instantly after adding the RBL as the biller.


You can go to the RBL Bank credit card BillDesk page and choose the payment method. Your transaction will be done in a few minutes.

Mobile Banking

You can download the RBL MyCard mobile app for mobile banking. By using this app, RBL credit card payment will become easy.


UPI is another online store that you can use for your RBL credit card payment. The UPI makes the process hassle-free.

Offline Payment Options

RBL Branch

RBL credit card payments can also be made in person at any RBL Bank branch. You can use cash or a cheque for the RBL credit card payment.


You can also make the bill payment by using your debit card at any RBL ATM.

How to Avail RBL Credit Card Statement?

A credit card statement is a summary of all the financial transactions made with the credit card. RBL card statements are sent to cardholders regularly. You can check your RBL credit card statement through online and offline methods.

Online Methods

  • You can check your RBL bank credit card statement using your net-banking account.
  • If you requested it at the time of card activation, your RBL credit card statement would be mailed to you.
  • You can obtain your RBL credit card statement from the internet.
  • You can also download the RBL credit card statement through mobile banking.

Offline Methods

You have the option of visiting an RBL branch or using phone banking services to check your RBL credit card statement offline.

Components of Credit Card Statements

Here are the components of the RBL credit card statement.

Billing Cycle

A billing cycle is the length of time that your credit card bill shows all of the activities on your account.

Grace Period

It’s a timeframe in your statement cycle when you can make purchases without incurring purchase interest charges. It only applies if you have no outstanding balances from the previous payment cycle.

Due Date

It is the deadline by which you are expected to pay your debts.

Total Amount Due

It is the total amount owed on your credit card. Paying this on time makes your credit score high.

Minimum Payment Due

It is the minimum payment required to keep your card active, even if you are unable to settle the full amount owed.

What are RBL Reward Points?

For every transaction made, RBL Bank has created an exclusive loyalty program for its credit card customers, awarding them with personalized gifts from a wide choice of products, certificates, and other items.

Reward points can be redeemed for bus, airline tickets, clothes, gadgets, beauty goods, among other things. The validity of RBL reward points is 24 months from the date of commencement.

How to Redeem RBL Credit Card Reward Points?

Here are the steps to redeem RBL reward points login online process.

  • Login to the RBL official website.
  • Choose a category in which you wish to redeem your points.
  • Enter the number of rewards points you want to redeem.
  • An OTP will be issued to your registered mobile number, which can be used to complete the reward points online redemption.

Here are the ways to redeem RBL reward points offline.

Contact Customer Service

You can contact a customer care representative to seek redemption. The customer service representative will walk you through the full redemption process, including how many reward points you have and what alternatives you have for redeeming them.

Postal Service

The redemption form can be downloaded from the website. You can fill it out with all of the necessary information and ship it to the bank’s address. The bank will handle the reward redemption request and take care of everything.

Concluding Comments

RBL Bank provides a variety of credit cards loaded with perks geared to meet various people’s requirements and desires. Permit yourself to be indulged. Now is the time to apply for an RBL Bank Credit Card!

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