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5 Reasons Why Buying Mobile Screen Insurance Is Very Important

From popped keypads to the silent touch screen, mobile phones have had a complete makeover in less than a decade. The competing brands like Apple to Samsung and from OnePlus to Mi, the market has one best mobile over another.

Mobile Screen Insurance

There is a considerable percentage rise in the sales of mobile. It is now a compact gadget to talk, compute, make videos, click pictures, access the internet and much more. Buyers’ preference has changed from simple phones to big screen mobiles.

As big the screen size gets the cost of the mobile increases. This resulted in increasing the importance of Mobile Insurance. But let us see a few reasons which dictate that buying a mobile screen is important.

1] Difficulty to connect through the phone

You were on a two-wheeler, got hit and your mobile was crushed under you. The screen was completely damaged. Now your phone does not function well and you just cannot connect to anyone through a call or send a message.

Your mobile is expensive and getting it touched-up by replacing the original screen is an expensive affair. And suppose if you bought that smartphone on installments, then you have an added charge for that month. Insurance for mobile can help you get the screen rebuilt faster because then you have a security of payment.

2] You can not access the data stored on your phone

More than just a gadget, mobile phones are valued as much as a jewellery locker is. You have your photographs, datasheets, and documents scanned or saved in it. If your screen is damaged you will not be able to run through the device.

And then what? Obviously, your work will be hampered. Imagine you were travelling and then the screen of your mobile broke. You were working on a sheet to be submitted urgently in the office.

But now you cannot use the mobile any further because you are left without any data to access. If you own mobile screen insurance, you could immediately get the screen do-up and make use of the data as needed.

3] Replacement is expensive

You buy insurance as financial security when you know that the cost of mending may be beyond your capacity to afford. For mobile, the same is the case.

The original screen of the mobile is nearly one-fourth of the cost of the mobile. Not every time will you be able to shell this sum of money to get the screen fixed. Having insurance in the first place will be beneficial for you.

Mobile Screen Insurance Is Very Important

4] Your work gets hampered

Mobiles are not just to talk, WhatsApp, or send messages. There is much more you can do with your mobile. It is a compact system through which you can work installing different applications. But what if you happen to get pushed after which the screen of your mobile gets damaged?

You will be stranded till the screen is brought back to play. If your mobile is expensive and new, the expense of the screen correction will be more.

What if that is too much because you are hardly left with your salary portion? Even if this is the case, you cannot just let the work get hampered. Having mobile screen insurance could be a saviour in such a case.

5] Non branded repairs can be risky

There are many market players that can lure you to restore your mobile if the screen of your mobile is broken. But you are scared because these are non-branded. A low-cost unbranded screen guard can further cause damage to your phone.

There are chances that the heat dissipation reduces and your mobile heats up quickly. But if you have mobile screen insurance, you can go for a branded fixing. This way you prevent further loss to your mobile.

Mobile Screen Insurance will cover the cost to make good the broken screen. The loss of screen may arise from accidents only and not any carelessness.

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