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Reasons You Should Shift to a Virtual Private Server

The emerging trend in the business world has been the establishment of online businesses by both existing companies and the upcoming start-ups. While having an online store was an option for some companies, more businesses are now getting on-board making theirs purely online.

Why You Should Move to VPS Hosting From Shared Hosting

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For such businesses to attract and retain their customers, they must invest in advertising, marketing, and technology. The technology in this case caters to the hosting of the website. To ensure fast speeds on the website, businesses are now resulting to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Here are other benefits that VPS offers.

1] Gives you control

In the course of running your business, you may need to make some changes on the software. The access to this software will depend on the compatibility of your server with the software you wish to introduce.

In most cases, you may have a challenge making these changes if the host server does not provide for the software you are looking to use. However, in the case of the VPS, you can easily make any changes to any software within your sever.

2] Performance is increased

Sharing a server with multiple businesses means that the server will be crowded therefore automatically slowing the performance. In the case of a website, a slow server is likely to put off potential customers, resulting to loss of income.

A VPS will ensure that your business has monopoly over the server. It will also limit cases of your website malfunctioning which is a normal occurrence when different websites share the same server.

If one website is experiencing a problem, it is likely to affect the others within the same server. A VPS therefore secures your website from any external problems.

3] Affordability

Previously, most businesses shied away from VPS hosting because of the cost implications. However, since the advancement of technology, the money required for hosting a website has significantly dropped.

This makes VPS an option just as much as a shared server is. Hosting providers like MEMSET have plans from as low as £10 per month. This amount is almost the same as the money required for a shared server.

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4] Reliability

Waking up to a problem with your host server is a nightmare for every business person. The time required to diagnose the problem and solve it can easily bring losses to your business. While there is little you can do when using a shared server, a VPS is easier to manage.

You can have a tech guru who is fully dedicated to fixing any problems that may arise with the VPS. The person will also be in a position to give meaningful advice on the software changes that will boost your business growth. This in turn will increase customer satisfaction and benefit your business in the long run.

As technology continues to advance, businesses willing to hop onto new technologies are benefiting more. Being on a VPS plan will enable you to have a smooth transition as your business grows. The increased traffic to your website will not affect the VPS as opposed to the shared server.

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