7 Reasons You Should Use HTML Email Signature Generator

An email signature is an essential element of a company’s or specialist’s professional image. It provides contact details, delivers a call to action, shares links to online resources, and builds up the brand awareness. Without a doubt, this is a tool every business should use to its benefit!

HTML Email Signature Generator


Whether you have never heard of email signatures before or already plan on creating one for you and your team, you should be well aware of the options you have there. In this article, we are going to look at different opportunities and give you some tips on which one to opt for!

How To Create A Top-Notch Email Signature?

In general, there are a few possible ways to create a custom signature, and we are going to take a closer look at each option.

  • Create it with the help of a text editor – While this method is free and quite simple, we don’t recommend using it because you may face plenty of issues. Some of the most common problems arise with images, formatting, and visibility.
  • Code it – Probably this is an ideal way to create an email footer. However, it also has a few drawbacks that you should consider. First of all, it is not cheap unless you know how to create a design and code it yourself. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire a specialist, which will take money and time.
  • Use an image editor – A simpler alternative to the previous two methods is creating a signature with the help of Photoshop or another editor. Choosing this solution, you will not need to hire someone because it is quite easy. However, this is quite time-consuming, and the result may disappoint you.
  • Find help at freelance platforms – If you would like to stick with coding, you can call for the help of freelance specialists. It can be a bit cheaper. However, it still takes lots of time.
  • Use an online signature generator – This is one of the best methods you can use! It is fast, cheap (or even free), and the result is often beyond any expectations.

Top Reasons To Use Online Generator

While coding and other methods to create unique signatures are quite complicated, time and money-consuming, using an online generator has lots of pros. Today, there are plenty of tools and services that allow users to create an outstanding email signature design online in only a few moments. Why opt for them? Here are the top seven reasons.

1] Marketing

A good signature generator allows businesses to create multiple email footers for the whole team with a single click. Besides, such tools are known for delivering high-quality and well-designed result. What does this mean for your business?

A thoughtful and appealing design with interactive elements can transform every recipient of your emails into a potential customer. Also, it allows us to generate more leads and traffic, notify customers about important news or events, and encourage them to connect with you!

Signature generator

2] Price

Many businesses, especially small ones and startups, are very concerned about the cost of services they are using. The price is often a significant decisive factor for them. Thus, many companies refuse to create corporate email signatures only because they believe that a good result should cost a lot.

Luckily, this problem resolves on its own with a good generator. Such tools are often free or almost free of charge. At the same time, the quality of signatures they can generate is decent.

3] Friendliness

Being a powerful marketing tool, your email signatures have to be as friendly as possible. Think of it this way – if your signature is not mobile friendly, you are losing a large segment of prospect customers – those, who will review your emails from mobile devices.

If you don’t want to miss a single opportunity but also don’t want to spend too much money, a useful tool will help you solve this issue!

Most online email signature generators are programmed to create flexible and versatile stamps that look perfect on different screen sizes and devices.

4] Compatibility

Apart from making your signature mobile friendly, it is also vital to ensure its compatibility with different email clients. Why is it important?

The reasons are pretty much the same as described above – you don’t want to lose a single potential customer. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your signature is visible to all recipients regardless of both their screen size and the email services they use.


5] Simplicity

Probably one of the biggest benefits of using an online signature generator is that you don’t need anyone except you to get a good result. These tools are always intuitive and simple in use.

They are designed so that even a beginner could easily use them. Thus, it doesn’t require any prior experience or skills. All you need is a few minutes of spare time!

6] Interactivity

Unless you find a specialist, making your signatures interactive is not easy. However, interactivity is extremely important for a good result because adding clickable links and icons to your signature can give you a whole bunch of benefits, including more followers, leads, higher traffic, etc.

Luckily, online design tools have all of those features. Thus, with their help you can create unique and interactive email footers in a few simple clicks.

7] Easy To Manage

As you might’ve understood, creating an excellent signature is not enough. Later, you will have to enhance and update it based on the results that you get. This is one more benefit of an online generator! Many such tools offer their users simple and convenient features for further improvement and management of their designs.

Email signature generator

These are the main reasons for using an email signature generator! In general, such tools allow making top-notch designs for the whole team in a quick and effortless way. Of course, there are a few drawbacks of these tools, such as limited functionality available for free. However, this doesn’t make these tools less effective!

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