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How to Convert EXE to APK (Windows file to Android)

APK files are commonly Android native files, which usually associate with apps and app data. Android is the most popular operating system in the world and naturally, there are several apps and other useful data available on the platform.

However, there are many users who are using Windows operating system either on mobile or some other media platforms who are unable to access the range of Android applications.

How to Convert EXE to APK

The apps available or functioning on the Android platform are certainly compatible with the windows running appliances too. The only hindrance that is not allowing this inter-compatibility is the operating system.

What are EXE and APK?

Different operating software uses different coding methods. The EXE file type and APK file type is due to this difference in coding between the different operating software. By converting an EXE file to APK or vice versa can allow inter-compatibility of different apps across the operating systems.

Many people fear for virus or similar incompatibility threats. However, it is safe and normal to convert EXE to APK to enhance the capabilities of the existing device. You can do this without rooting the device to a different operating system altogether. Rooting the device from Android to Windows or vice versa can be feasible.

  • If the existing operating system adds no benefit and.
  • All your applications belong to the alternate operating system.

For three-four applications, rooting of the device is certainly not recommended.

How do you convert EXE to APK?

Android might have millions of applications on Play Store, but true gamers will know how hard they need to struggle for some of the Windows-exclusive games on their Android devices.

There are some other work-related applications that might have to be converted to APK to allow smooth on the go working. These apps, however, might have compatibility issues and need to be verified before actual or practical use.

Step No. 1

Today, most app developers are aware of their potential users. They want their apps to be available in all possible formats in the app stores of various operating systems as well as outside. It would be worthwhile first to look for an APK version through the official site of the app developer (if any).

Many app developers make APK as well as EXE version available on their website to allow easier access to the app users across different platforms. So, instead of following other lengthy steps, it is better to first check if the app or program is available in another format already or not. In case the app is popular, there are high chances that your quest will end on the Step no. 1 itself.

Step No. 2

Step no. 2 involves using a computer software or tool that converts the EXE version into APK. Below are steps on how to install the software and use the same.

Note 1:

To enable successful download, you need to enable download from third-party sources both on your Windows as well as Android device. If you are not comfortable using the ‘Change My Software’ tool, you can alternatively use other software or tools which may be paid or free.

  • Once, the selected tool has been installed, double-click on the file.
  • There shall be two options, named ‘Setup files’ and ‘Portable application’.
  • Select ‘Portable application’.

Portable application

  • All the files in your personal computer shall be open now, select the EXE file which you had like to convert.

Select Convert

  • After the file loads into the application, in the bottom of the dialogue box, you shall see three options ‘About’, ‘Convert’ and ‘Close’. Select ‘Convert’.
  • A dialogue box with an indicator pops up, once done, a success message shall pop up until be patient.

Change My Software

Note 2:

As per the steps, it is best to have the EXE app installed in advance before using the tool. Also, for some bigger files, the conversion time might be longer, you should remain, patient, till you get an error message or a success message.

  • Once, the success box has appeared, the process is not done! This file should reach the android device too.
  • Connect your android device to the computer and then safely transfer the file to the android device and then eject the device.
  • Open the file in android device and click on ‘Install’.
  • Once the file has been installed, verify the app to look for any bugs or issues. There is 0.01% of the app configuration faultiness due to some conversion error, so verifying the app thoroughly does no harm.

What if things don’t go as planned?

Sometimes, it so happens that things do not go planned as the above steps. For instance, based on the conversion software used, there can be scenarios for error messages popping up while the conversion process is going on. This can be recurring.

There can be two major reasons for the same, either the installed third-party converter application is incapable of converting that file or the EXE file is corrupted or outdated.

In case, you come across such a scenario, try the same steps with another conversion third-party app, if the same result occurs, try re-installing the EXE file and execute the same steps again.

If the issue persists, there is a minute 1% chance that some of the EXE apps are locked and do not allow for conversion through basic tools and need high end paid conversion tools.

This can be true for huge programs that are available for a hefty price tag on the Windows store. But, in most scenarios, the above two steps should be more than sufficient to help you convert EXE to APK. So, now enjoy a host of Windows apps on your Android device.

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