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Simple and Effective Ways to Save Money on PPC Campaigns

No matter how big or small your budget is, it is never good to waste it for no reason. PPC and digital marketing are all about making as much as you can with resources at your disposal.

Ways to Save Money on PPC Campaigns

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Even those who have experience will always look to avoid spending unnecessarily. Not to mention the fact that for those with very little experience, fund mismanagement can be the difference-maker between failure and success.

Is the situation described here sounds familiar? If so, continue reading and find out how you can save money on your Google AdWords campaign.

1] Make Use of Free Tools and Coupons

There are a lot of websites who offer you free coupons for signing up or subscribing. If you no longer wish to be bombarded with their emails, you can simply unsubscribe after receiving the code.

As for tools, there is also a plethora of options. Cleverads – The Most Powerful Free Google Advertising Products is just one of the most popular examples.

2] Improve Clickthrough Rate

Improve Clickthrough Rate

Writing more effective ads will increase your CTR and quality score. According to some digital marketing professionals, quality score is the most important metric for everyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of their campaign.

If you want to improve your writing skills, continue writing every day and test which of your ads are performing and which are not.

3] Use Extensions

You can make your ads more clickable by introducing some extensions. Google AdWords have dozens of those. Everyone should be able to find an extension or two no matter what kind of business they have.

4] Geolocation

If you want to target a specific location, geolocation settings are what you need. With some effort, you can make it so that your ads will show only in certain regions. Or if you want, you can also set the time of the day when the ads appear.

5] Dayparting


Another feature, similar to geolocation settings, is dayparting. It helps with maximizing the visibility during certain hours, which is ideal for businesses that operate on a schedule

Keep in mind, though, that while dayparting can bring a lot of benefits, it is easy to sabotage yourself if you are not careful. Therefore, think very carefully if you are ready to try it.

6] Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are a common occurrence whenever someone uses search engines. They include words like “free”, “cheap”, “sample”, and so on. Having a report with negative keywords can save a lot of money.

Negative keyword conflicts occur, and it is a good piece of advice to keep track of them. You could lose big time if there is a conflict between excluded negative keyword and your bid.

7] Find New Keywords

Always try to find new keywords that you can bid on, especially if your current choices are underperforming.

You cannot expect that a niche will remain stagnant. The way customers think is also changing, so new keywords are bound to pop-up. You will be much better off if you jump on them as soon as you can.

8] Optimize Mobile Ads

Optimize Mobile Ads

There is a reason why you should separate your desktop and mobile campaigns. After all, mobile browsing is now more popular between the two.

When you optimize campaigns for both mobile and desktop, take a look at your current bids. Mobile browsing is becoming more popular, and the competition for these ads continues to grow as well.

Make sure that you are not wasting an absurd amount of funds on these ads.

9] Start Remarketing

In order to make the most out of your campaign, you need to up your remarketing game. It is simply unacceptable to ignore people who visit the site and do not buy anything. Remind them why they came and make them come back.

Social media and mobile apps are two excellent sources to remarket on, but it would not be a bad idea to invest some resources into the Google Display Network. It is quite easy to get an ad banner by using the Google Display Ad Builder tool.

10] Spend Time on the Campaign

Plenty of businesses do not bother with checking their campaign even once every week. This practice is ridiculous. Make sure that you are up to date with how things are going as much as you can.

In a word, Google AdWords and PPC marketing continue to make a difference, especially when done in the right way. However, because you have to pay for every click, a lot of people are repelled. These tips, however, should give you more confidence and prevent any potential risks. Make sure to use them.

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