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3 Ways to Leverage Video Marketing

If you’re serious about content marketing and building your brand then you need to be creating video content. Over 81% percent of brands are releasing a video every day.

More importantly, there are over 1 billion hours of YouTube watched each day. Nearly every industry and niche are leveraging video content as a way to communicate with their potential customers. Why should you be any different?

Ways to Leverage Video Marketing

Creating video content doesn’t have to be hard. And this blog we’re going to go over four ways you can create an effective video for your brand.

1] Leverage live platforms

A good way to dip your toes into the video marketing game is to use the life function on popular platforms.

YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook all have life functions. Better yet, the majority of these platforms perform better with shorter content.

For businesses with bandwidth issues, this can be an ideal way to get started on video without investing fully into a strategy. That’s not to say that you should have planned the content that you intend to post on life platforms but rather that you should have topics in mind to talk about.

A good way to do this is by creating an Excel spreadsheet and typing as many topics as you can come up with. Get your entire team involved. The people who will know best about what your customers want to know about will often work in the customer service department.

Use this free form topic ideation with your team to come up with content ideas that you can talk about on live streams. Depending on your niche, Twitch may be especially useful with their IRL platform.

The best part about leveraging life platforms? There’s room to experiment and grow. Though you may not want to invest the resources and a how-to video for your YouTube, you can answer a few of the more prominent customer service questions on your live feeds and see how your customer base response.

If that response is good and you think you could get more engagement, consider doing an in-depth video on YouTube. This holistic strategy is especially good for brands that are just getting started and don’t have a marketing budget too seriously involved themselves and video marketing.

2] Hire a company that specializes in video marketing

For those of you working at a bigger brand that has a reasonable marketing budget to work with, you may be better off hiring an agency that specializes in video marketing.

As brands grow so do their processes and responsibilities. Oftentimes large agencies can’t seem to leverage opportunities like video marketing because they can’t meet the deliverables.

Everyone is already wearing five hats at their job and video is just another stress. If you meet that description then it’s likely that you’re better off hiring a video marketing agency or a company that specializes in it.

When hiring a company that specializes in video marketing, make sure that you have clear marketing goals outline before you enter the arena. whether that means making an engagement goal and asking the company if they can meet that goal or identifying the part of the sales funnel you want to focus.

In addition to having clear goals outline before you enter negotiations, you want to spend some time with your team identifying the type of company you want to work. When it comes to a long-term partnership, you want a company that can offer you ideas and strategy.

Make sure that you can see yourself growing with the company both on a personal and professional level before you sign a contract.

3] Incorporate video into your landing pages

Even if you’re not ready to start a YouTube or dedicate the time to create an Instagram story every day, you can still leverage video in your business. it’s likely that you have a variety of landing page is asking your customers to purchase various offers or opportunities from.

All of those pages can benefit from a video sales letter. Sales letters that include video convert x times better than sales videos that do not. So whether you hire a company to help you create those video assets or you film them in house, you want to make sure the video is an asset on every single one of your landing pages.

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