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Zhou Li Jie: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, House

Zhou Li Jie is a Chinese television and cinema actress and model. His key works are Skate Into Love, Jun Jiu Ling, Closer to You 2, and The Starry Love. In this article, we will learn more about Zhou Li Jie’s Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, and House

Zhou Li Jie Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Zhou Li Jie was born on 6 July 1997 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. His other names are “Zhou Zhan” and “Li Jie”. His family lives in China. His zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancerians are highly charming and handsome, but they may also be possessive and cranky at times. They are passionate, creative, secretive, perceptive, and compassionate. Cancers are proud of their profession, and a large part of them wants to be the greatest at it. They are motivated to work hard not just for their gratification, but also to assist their loved ones. When cancers are properly treated, they work hard and are dignified. However, if they are not treated with the respect they believe they deserve, they will argue back. We don’t have much information about the actor’s early education, graduation, and family members. The actor has not yet revealed it on the internet. But as soon as he shares something we will update the article with accurate information.


Zhou Li Jie began his acting career as a lead in the TV drama ‘We Are Young’, but he rose to prominence in 2020 with his part as “Yu Yan” in ‘Skate Into Love’.

We Are Young is a Chinese drama about two people with identical names who fall in love and marry. New soldiers Xu Xiao Bin and Xu Xiao Bing frequently get mixed up at roll call because of their similar-sounding names, and an irritated Xu Xiao Bing decides to alter her name to Xu Bing. Later on, the two squabbling friends pass the university admission exams and finally marry, much to the amazement of their classmates. After experiencing married life, Xu Xiao Bin is keen to locate a wife for his former squad leader and best buddy, Meng Yong Gan. Ni Shuangying, a young girl from a well-off family, develops an interest in Meng Yong Gan, but he falls in love with Xu Bing’s cousin instead.

The drama “Skate into Love” is about two childhood friends who share a passion for sports. Throughout elementary school, the shy Li Yubing was constantly “bullied” by his deskmate, Tang Xue. However, they both have the same desire for the ice. When they rejoin at university, Li Yubing has become the “ice god” of the Ice Hockey Team, but Tang Xue remains adrift and unclear about his future. Tang Xue became Li Yubing’s “abused” assistant as retaliation for what she had done. In this vengeance operation, Li Yubing progressively learns Tang Xue’s excellent traits, as well as the confidence to pursue his ambition on the ice, which was inspired by Tang Xue. Tang Xue, with Li Yubing’s assistance, progressively rediscovers her passion for speed skating. They formed a pair after declaring their affection for one other. Misunderstandings develop when their history catches up with them. Meanwhile, additional troubles develop from others around them, as figure skating prodigy Yu Yan enters the scene, and Tang Xue’s first love Bian Cheng returns to the nation. Zhou Ran, the school’s “flower” who does not get along with Tang Xue, also causes a disturbance. Along with obstacles from their parents, injuries from competition, and uncertainty about their future, Li Yubing and Tang Xue learn to overcome hardships and pursue their passion. Yu Yan is a timid and bashful figure skater with the X Dragons Club. His mother places rigorous supervision and pressure on him, despite his talent in his sport. Yu Yan begins a relationship with Tang Xue and gradually develops affection for her.

Because of You is a 2017 Chinese drama about a young woman who is a brilliant embroiderer but must first overcome her “mother’s” selfish habits before becoming a true embroiderer. Zhang Guo Guo (Sun Yi) is a lively young woman who was reared by Wang Ai Yu (Guo Hong) and grew up in a tiny town delivering wontons for the family store. Guo Guo is unaware that she is the daughter of a well-known needlework studio owner; nonetheless, Ai Yu took her in after an accident and reared her alongside her daughter, Zhang Yu Xin (Wu You). Yu Xin becomes an apprentice to Guo Guo’s biological mother, Xu Hui Jie (Pan Yi Jun), and subsequently travels abroad to study design. Meanwhile, Guo Guo’s unique needlework skills emerge, and she works hard to obtain a spot at her father’s embroidered studio. As Guo Guo and Yu Xin become professional competitors, they also compete for the hearts of two brothers, Li Yun Kai (Deng Lun) and Li Yun Zhe (Dai Chao).

Jun Jiu Ling is a narrative of vengeance. Princess Chu Jiu Ling is Emperor Zhizong’s daughter from the Tianyou Kingdom. After Emperor Zhizong died, his brother Chu Rang succeeded to the throne as the next emperor. Chu Jiu Ling discovered that her father’s death was organized by her uncle. So she sought vengeance and attempted to murder the Emperor on her wedding day. The assassination attempt failed, and Jiu Ling was imprisoned. A fire broke out, and Jiu Ling perished in front of her newlywed husband, Lu Yun Qi. Nobody knows Jiu Ling was truly spared, and her fellow pupil, Jun Zhen Zhen, perished while in jail. Jiu Ling transforms herself and reincarnates as Jun Zhen Zhen with the assistance of her teacher, Doctor Jun.

To pursue vengeance, she must travel a long and twisting path. Her first destination is the Fang family, a well-known business family. She must uncover the mystery behind a seal given to her by her lord before his death. The seal was handed to her by the late emperor’s father and contains the secret of her grandfather’s death, which is conveyed to her uncle, the new emperor. Jun Zhen Zhen has changed her name to Jun Jiu Ling. She earned the Fang family’s confidence with her exceptional medical talents. She also made her way back to the capital by launching Jiu Ling Hall Clinic. She was able to reveal the truth behind the seal after overcoming several challenges. Her purpose of avenging her father’s death had gradually shifted. Her revenge quest has evolved into a quest for justice. Not just for herself, but also for the citizens of Tianyou Kingdom. On her route, she became involved with four amazing guys. Fang Chengyu, her cousin whom she had spared, and Ning Yun Zhao, a scholar who fell in love with her. Zhu Zan, Chu Jiu Ling’s childhood pal, suspects her identity. Finally, there’s Lu Yunqi, her ex-husband who genuinely loves her.


  • Sword and Fairy (2024)
  • Go East (2024)
  • Closer to You Season 2 (2023)
  • The Starry Love (2023)
  • Jun Jiu Ling (2021)
  • All Because of You (2020)
  • Skate Into Love (2020)
  • We Are Young (2019)
  • Concerts (2018)
  • Worry-Free Pub 3 (2018)


  • Conspiracy (2018)
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