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Sarah Casinghini and her former partner, Vadim, are parents to a daughter. A Ukrainian model named Vadim is employed in China. She had disclosed that although they had planned to tie the knot in February, the arrangement had fallen through. The Covid-19 virus epidemic was the cause of their marital delay. Due to Covid’s imprisonment in China, Vadim was unable to meet their daughter Emily after she gave birth. Find out about Sara Casinghini’s wiki, facts, early life, family, dating history, height, age, birthday, and net worth.

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Mamimax was founded by well-known Thai and Italian model and entrepreneur Sarah Casinghini. She presently resides in Bangkok, Thailand, and was born on April 14, 1990, in Milan, Italy. 1990 is the year of the Chinese Zodiac Horse, and Sara Casinghini was born under the sign of Aries, the Ram. She attended Bangkok University International College and ACC Business Prep School. She received her diploma from BUIC in 2013. The sweet pea and daisy are her birth flowers.


Pirat “Mike” Nitipaisankul and Sarah Casinghini welcomed a son together. In July of 2014, their son Maxwell was born. She convinced Mike to continue providing for their son Maxwell. She once dated a pop sensation. She was once romantically involved with pop singer Mike D. Angelo, the father of her son Maxwell.

Despite her claims to the contrary, Italian-Thai model Sarah Casinghini’s new partner, Ukrainian model Vadim Ashab, stated the two had split up and had no plans to be married. This means Sarah will likely have to raise a second child alone. Vadim made his shocking admission last week, following Sarah’s admission that she was caring for Emily, a two-month-old whom Vadim fathered after they first met late last year. When contacted by Thai internet users on social media, Vadim, 20, acknowledged that he and Sarah, 33, had dated, but claimed that Sarah had asked for their breakup early this year.

The pair was no longer together and they had not considered getting married later in the year. Vadim fled Thailand in January following his breakup with Sarah, and he is currently stranded in China where he works as a model for COVID-19. Although he claims not to have run away when he learned Sarah was expecting, he was not there for his daughter’s birth. Regarding his paternity, he implied Emily’s birth was an accident. He posed the question, “Who would want to be a father at 19?” about his age at the child’s birth. He has turned down numerous requests from Sarah’s supporters to get in touch with the Thai media and share his side of the story, claiming he doesn’t want any more drama and that a lot of people already knew the “truth” about his connection with Sarah before he came forward.

Sarah finds herself in an unpleasant situation where she could have to raise her small family by herself after Vadim’s revelations. Following the incident, Sarah reported that she was under a lot of stress after learning that Vadim had stopped nursing Emily and that she was having to reassure herself that everything was alright. “I try to kid myself into thinking I am fine and tell myself to smile and be cheerful, but my body shows that’s not the case,” she posted to social media. Is there anyone who can offer guidance on reclaiming the milk? She spoke of her six-year-old son Maxwell, saying, “I feel bad for my daughter and want to raise her on mother’s milk the way I did her elder brother.” Rather of answering Vadim’s accusations, she requested that supporters take their argument elsewhere since she wanted her social media platform to be about her experiences as a mother.

Two weeks ago, Sarah disclosed that she had begun a second family in the midst of a custody and maintenance battle involving their son Maxwell and her ex-partner, actor Pirat “Mike” Nitipaisankul. When Mike and Sarah got into a fight last month, it was because Mike had gone to court to get joint custody rights and official recognition as Maxwell’s son. Sarah had concealed Emily’s existence from Mike. He claimed that although he had helped Maxwell from the boy’s birth, Sarah had begun to restrict his access. Since the boy was born out of wedlock, Sarah is the only parent. In these situations, Thai law favors the mother; hence, even while the father is not regarded as such by law, he is also not required to provide for the child’s needs.

Maxwell resides in Phuket with Sarah’s family. Mike quickly said he would withdraw the legal action once she confirmed suspicions that she had given birth to Emily, citing the possibility that a ruling in his favour would have required him to pay maintenance. It’s clear that he’s concerned that some of the funds would go towards financing the child of another man. He claimed to have supported Maxwell with more than 10 million baht since his birth, but he was against Sarah’s aggressive action of increasing demands on his money at a time when he was already having financial difficulties due to Covid-19. He wanted to make sure that any further assistance went straight to his kid once Sarah disclosed she had a second child.

Instead of filing the lawsuit, he would put his son in a savings plan and transfer the funds to him when he reached adulthood. The possibility that Sarah would have to foot the bill for the boy’s maintenance alone alarmed her lawyer when Mike informed her that he was no longer willing to provide regular support. Despite this, Mike assured her that she could still ask for assistance if necessary. Mike was pushed to rethink his decision to drop the legal action by her attorney, Pramarn Laungwattanawanich, who pointed out that he may still request legal rights as a father while dropping his request for joint custody. He officially objected to Mike’s decision to withdraw his complaint last week.

Presenter Panadda “Boom” Wongphudee claimed on Thursday that she had since spoken with Mike, and he informed her that while the Central Juvenile and Family Court considers Mr. Pramarn’s objection, his attempt to withdraw the lawsuit seeking official recognition as Maxwell’s father had been placed on hold. Nitithorn “James” Kaewto, Mike’s well-known attorney, stated he anticipates positive developments on custody and support. The play goes on.


Mamimax is a boutique apparel store for kids and their moms that was founded by Sarah. She also founded Mes Thailand and Khon Noi By Maxwell. It turns out that Mes Thailand is a company that makes 24K gold lip moisturizer oil. Additionally, she is endorsing “WONGNAI,” a Thai lifestyle platform that offers dining options, culinary ideas, beauty products, and travel information. Sarah Casinghini is a well-known and active user of Instagram’s social media networks.

Under the username “@sarahcasinghini,” she maintains an official account with approximately 707k fan followers and 2831 posts overall as of 2023. The range of Sara Casinghini’s estimated net worth or income is $1 million to $5 million. Her major work as a model has brought her a significant amount of cash.

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