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Chap Suppacheep Chanapai: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family & Awards

Chap is a model and television actor from Thailand. His official career began in 2021 when he was cast in a supporting part in the BL series Lovely Writer. However, in 2020, he performed in a guest role in “TharnType 2: 7 Years Love” before being cast in Lovely Writer. You can quickly and easily get Suppacheep Chanapai’s basic information in this article, which includes his biography, full name, nickname, nationality, age, place of birth, occupation, gender, education, career, girlfriend, family, and awards.

Chap Suppacheep Chanapai Biography

Bio, Education and Family

Born in Thailand on January 7, 2000, Suppacheep Chanapai, better known by his stage name “Chap”. Regarding Suppacheep Chanapai’s background and credentials, as of 2021, he is enrolled in the University of the Thai’s Chamber of Commerce, where he is studying airline business management.


First starring in guest parts in the television series “TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love” in 2020, Suppacheep Chanapai went on to play supporting roles in the series “Lovely Writer” in 2021.

A gifted tailor, his affluent customer, and their love narrative are the subjects of the Thai BL series The Tuxedo. Due to their personality conflicts and familial rivalry, the two characters don’t get along at first. They have a difficult beginning to their relationship, but they become closer due to a developing romantic attraction. Together, the pair faces trauma and turmoil as they go on an emotional journey. Sadly, The Tuxedo features bad writing, questionable stereotypes, and an offensive depiction of mental health. The leads have some chemistry, but their acting is forced, and their relationship doesn’t grow naturally. This BL drama has a nice look and feel to it, but the plot is a ridiculous jumble overall.

Aioun is a gifted tailor who makes a living by creating outfits. Along with Oab and Art, his two younger brothers, he operates a prosperous family boutique. Aioun is selective when it comes to taking on new clients, despite his stellar reputation in the field. He only creates suits for those who have established a rapport with him. Oab, Aioun’s brother, was mugged in the middle of the night. A stranger who lived nearby, Sichol, came to his aid and fought off the attackers. His suit jacket, though, was torn during the altercation. When Oab invites him to his family’s business, Aioun expresses gratitude to Sichol by giving him a pricey replacement. Sichol is really appreciative, especially since the next day he has a job interview.

Sichol is applying to be a personal assistant for Nawee, a man who owns a clothes business. Nawee is the affluent heir and manager of his father’s company. But he has a condescending, grumpy, and snobbish demeanor. He treats everyone, including Sichol, horribly and looks down on them all. The interview for the job doesn’t go well. Sichol gets hired by Nawee as his assistant, nonetheless, because he likes his stylish suit. Sichol’s first assignment is to get in touch with the same designer and get Nawee a personalized jacket. Sichol contacts Aioun by means of his amicable social ties. To his surprise, Aioun declines Nawee’s offer of employment regardless of the salary. Sichol learns that there used to be animosity between the two families.

In the meantime, Nawee puts pressure on his helper to finish making a jacket. When Aioun is presented with a difficult choice, Sichol utilizes seduction and trickery to get Aioun to change his mind. At last, the tailor consents to take Nawee on as a customer. Sadly, their initial interaction is hostile. Nawee’s conceited demeanor irritates Aioun. Following a condescending comment from Nawee, they part ways on bad terms. Aioun promises that he won’t ever sew him a jacket. Poor Sichol is left attempting to mend their friendship as best he can. He begs Aioun to give his irritable employer another go. A startling incident during their second meeting makes Aioun view Nawee more empathetically.


In the Thai television program Lovely Writer, a bashful writer becomes well-known after his romance novel is turned into a hit series. The celebrity world’s constant attention has scared him, especially after one of the attractive actresses showed interest in him. The unexpected flatmate situation between the two protagonists leads to a lot of love possibilities. Even if the writing isn’t always excellent, Lovely Writer is strong because it has a lot of endearing moments and enduring characters. It also has a strong sense of humor, extreme vitality, and never-ending adrenaline. One of the series’ best parts is undoubtedly the charming and loving romance, which will make you smile uncontrollably.

A drama series based on the BL narrative of well-known novelist Gene has just been developed. Though his editor persuades him to write another novella in the BL genre, he would much rather be working on his next fantasy novel. But Gene lacks enthusiasm for this undertaking and finds it difficult to stay inspired. He’s got writer’s block and the deadline is drawing near. His editor gives Gene the go-ahead to participate in the making of his BL series, Bad Engineer, to increase exposure. A striking actor named Nubsib makes a lasting impression on the casting panel by including Gene in his audition. Then, he and his costars Aoey and Mhok are cast in the lead part.

Gene learns that Tum, Nubsib’s representative, is one of his old university pals. Upon their reunion, Tum requests a favor from his pal. Nubsib wants to move in and live with Gene because his flat is closer to the shooting location. Gene first objects to the notion, but in the end he consents to let Nubsib live with him for a month. Gene had piqued Nubsib’s curiosity ever since they first met. The actor is highly flirty with him, and every time they connect, Gene becomes a little uncomfortable due to his boldness. Nubsib’s enticing approaches have become bolder since they moved in together. Gene’s writer’s block disappears as their desire intensifies and he is filled with ideas.

Gene is uneasy about the rumors about their connection when Nubsib’s supporters see how closely they are bonded because he prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Zoey, Nubsib’s on-screen costar, attempts to get in the way of them and has a secret goal, which doesn’t help. Nubsib’s affection for Gene remains unwavering in the face of all the attention, and he’s still resolved to become closer to the lovely writer.

Thai BL television series TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love stars Kanawut Traipipattanapong (Gulf) and Suppasit Jongcheveevat (Mew). It was first broadcast on LINE TV and One 31. A follow-up to TharnType: The Series is the series. After seven years of marriage, Type and Tharn are content with their peaceful but occasionally tense existence together. They continue to hang out with their university pals, but things aren’t always sunshine and candy in real life. They are now employed grownups dealing with issues from everyday life. Will they be able to get over the difficulties or will they fail?

Full List TV Series of Suppacheep Chanapai

  • The Tuxedo
  • Don’t Say No (2021)
  • Y Destiny (2021)
  • Lovely Writer (2021)
  • TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love (2020)

TV Shows of Suppacheep Chanapai

  • The Secret (Love) (2021)
  • Lovely Writer Special Episode (2021)
  • Behind the Scene: Lovely Writer (2021)
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