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How To Post On Reddit?

Reddit is a social networking website, it is more or less a news website. Reportedly, it consists of more than 55 million visitors on monthly basis and approx 2 million visitors every day.

All of the users have specific power over different thousand communities that are commonly known as subreddits.

How to Post On Reddit – Beginner’s Guide

Ways to Post on Reddit

As the data states, Reddit has large user based network with a huge number of users. Reddit is a place which ensures that the news or discussions you raise on everyday basis must reach to a great number of audience.

In short,

  • Reddit is a place where every new and burning topics get discussed among millions of people on the web.
  • The Reddit users provide all the content and they are the ones who decide what is good and not good. However, there is no hierarchy and they decide it through voting.
  • And the links that get popular across Reddit community usually bubble up on the ranking, so when you see the front page of Reddit, you will find it full of fresh and interesting links.

What is Reddit, Really?

We have already told you that what Reddit is but people usually get confused, so here are a few more points to clear on that What Reddit actually is!

  • Well! first of all, don’t think of Reddit as one giant community because it is full of variety.
  • The content is not repeated on Reddit as it is made up of “sub” reddits, and all of them have their own communities. Each and every post on Reddit belong to a certain community and users who have a personal set of rule for their own community.
  • Reddit has a subscription mechanism which provides you with an easy-to-use interface and you can easily decide that what post will appear on your feed and what not. You are free to subscribe or unsubscribe the subreddits according to your own choice.

When you make an account as a new user, you get an automatic subscription to a set of default subreddit, these are basically few highly popular communities that the administrators feel will be good to show to the average person as an interesting first experience.

For a new user, the interface of Reddit’s may seem quite overwhelming or confusing. But here we will tell you everything about Reddit, when we start a thread on Reddit it is also called a discussion but you have to locate the appropriate subreddit to create the thread.

Steps to post on Reddit

It is not at all tough to post on Reddit, all you need is an account and adequate knowledge to use Reddit, here are the steps that you will have to go through while posting your content on Reddit.

  • Open Reddit.
  • Open the “Search Reddit” box. You will find it in the upper right corner.

Steps to post on Reddit

  • Now, you have to type in a general description of what are you searching and then press enter.

For example, let’s say your thread is related to New Media, type the word “New Media” without quotes into the field.

  • Now from that search result, open the subreddit that is related to your thread.
  • Then, log in to your account and if you are the new user you will have to make an account.
  • Now, click on “Submit a New Text Post.”

New posts in subreddit

  • Simply enter the topic/title or the subject of your article in the Title field.
  • Now, you have to type the text that will later accompany your post in the Text field.
  • Lastly, click on the “Submit” and your post is published.


If you are a regular user of Reddit and are already familiar with the subreddit, then you can simply initiate a new post. All you need to do is. login from the front page and just add the subreddit in the “Choose a subreddit” box.


Also, as we mentioned that there are a different set of rules for different Reddit communities. So before posting it is advisable to read the subreddit’s specific rules.

This way that you can ensure you are posting a thread according to the rules and guidelines. Because, if you go against the guidelines of your subreddit then there are high chances that the moderator will delete your post.

To Use Reddit Effectively Keep In Mind These Things

  • When you open the front page, the top-50 subreddits appears on your screen. Remember that you can edit them anytime according to your ease.
  • If you are unable to do so, it is advisable for you to use Reddit Enhancement Suite. It will help you to sure you are not getting distracted to some unwanted subreddits.
  • Before getting started with posting on Reddit, it is advisable for you to learn to use the Dashboard. This will allow you to choose the sub-reddits for you at a given time.
  • As a submitter if you are facing any sort of problem, example- you want to share a link but are not at all sure which subreddit you should use. Then you can add it under /r/findareddit. Maybe as a new user you spend hours in finding relevant sub-reddits, so this is an easy way to help you.
  • Suppose you are writing a comment but you don’t get a proper word to use, then make sure to never write anything. It is better to write  /r/ whatstheword and then add your comment.  By doing so, you will learn a new word and at the same time, people will help you to understand that word instead of downvoting your content.
  • Well! you will have to face lots of grammar nazis on Reddit who will point out even your tiniest mistakes every now and then. But you just don’t worry about it, you are here to learn and improve yourself.
  • It is also helpful to use the search option on Reddit. It works really well and helps you to find relevant things for you.

Tip: When you search something just write the keyword in the search box. Eg: How does MS excel work?

So, your search should be: MS Excel.

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