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Seng Wichai Saefant: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family And Awards

Seng Wichai Saefant is an actor and model who has been working in the Thai television entertainment business since 2018. He was cast in a supporting part in the television series “My Dream” and has since worked on several projects. He is popular for appearing in famous Dramas “Why R U?”, “Secret Crush On You” and “War of Y”. In this article, we will learn more about Seng Wichai Saefant’s Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, And Awards

Seng Wichai Saefant Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Wichai Saefant He was born on March 27, 1999, in Thailand. He is commonly referred to as “Seng”. He studied marketing at Rangsit University’s Faculty of Business Administration. We don’t have any information on the Thai actor’s personal details like his family, early and high schooling. But we will soon update the article, as soon as we will get some information about him or if he reveals it on the internet.


Seng Wichai Saefant and ‘Freen’ Sarocha Chankimha had a relationship. Freen Sarocha Chankimha, a Thai actor, model, and singer, can also dance. She is most recognized for her roles in the series “Boys Love” and “Girls Love.” Freen was born in the Thai city of Bangkok. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from Rangsit University. Freen made his acting debut in 2021, appearing in the online series So Fit. She appeared in Secret Crush On You (2022) and Gap: The Series (2022–2023). Freen sings as well. “Love Me Like You Do” was her debut single, released in 2022. The song performed successfully in the market, helping Freen become a rising figure in Thai entertainment. Freen is becoming well-known in Thai culture. She is a talented singer, actor, and model who will likely remain well-known in the future. Sarocha Chankimha, aka Freen, is the newest well-known BLINK devotee. The GL actress, best known for playing Sam in Gap: The Series, attended a BLACKPINK event in Bangkok, and her images from the occasion went viral. People are suddenly concerned about the actor-singer’s romantic life.

This announcement follows prior rumors that Freen was dating Rebecca, which were fanned by their presence on the set of the popular Thai BL series “2Gether: The Series.” However, those speculations soon faded. A new wave of rumors has surfaced about Freen Sarocha Chankimha, implying that she and Seng Wichai Saefant are romantically involved. Both performers have earned success and fame in the entertainment business, showing their abilities across several platforms. Freen Sarocha Chankimha and Seng Wichai Saefant have not commented on the romance rumors circulating in the media. It appears that many outstanding performers prefer to keep their private life out of the public eye. Despite her popularity on social media, Freen Sarocha Chankimha keeps her romantic life private.


Seng Wichai Saefant is a Thai actor of Chinese heritage who is represented by Headliner Thailand, a subsidiary of Tencent Thailand. Seng signed with Idol Factory till January 15, 2023. He started his career in 2018 as he was cast in a supporting part in the television series “My Dream” and has since worked on several projects. He started working in the famous Thai Drama “Why R U?”. Why Are You? The Series is a 2020 Thai drama about two couples who get together while being diametrically opposed. Tutor is believed to be ‘wise’ above his age and behaves rationally, whereas Fighter is emotive. They had some hatred against one another at first but quickly became close. Saifah is a popular musician who is frequently involved in trouble, whereas Zon is quiet yet stubborn. He is also a science fiction writer.

Secret Crush on You is a Thai BL series about a school outcast and his obsession with the campus jock. The protagonist has an intense infatuation with a prominent university student. He adorns his bedroom with surveillance images, cherished mementos, and even a life-sized pillow. Surprisingly, his cherished idol begins to pay attention to him. Their relationship evolves from covert adoration to budding love. Despite its quirky start, Secret Crush on You loses its appeal after a time. This excessively long fourteen-episode sitcom features a flimsy premise, needless padding, oddball humor, and corny romances. There are several bawdy BL situations, each brimming with sensuous physical tenderness. Beyond these hot interactions, the plot lacks direction, maturity, and depth.

Toh is a bashful university student in the visual arts program. He is good friends with Jao, Daisy, and Som, who create a tight-knit gang of social misfits. Toh has a secret infatuation with Nuea, a popular basketball team player. Nuea, an engineering student, is well-known in school, with many loving followers. His reported lover is Prao, one of the cool kids. Toh is too shy to express his affection for Nuea. Instead, he’s content to admire his idol from afar. However, Toh’s crush has turned into an obsession. He enjoys spying on Nuea, taking covert photos, and collecting various souvenirs. Toh’s bedroom is filled with surveillance images, memorabilia, and even a life-sized pillow of Nuea. Despite his intense conduct, they’ve never met or corresponded before.

Toh, an avid photographer, captured an excellent portrait of Nuea during a basketball game. This shot has generated a lot of talk around campus. A common buddy, Thep, advises Toh of an unexpected career opportunity. Nuea’s sister is fascinated by Toh’s portfolio. She wants to employ him to shoot her next birthday celebration. Toh is overjoyed since it allows him to visit Nuea’s house and connect with him. This photographic job officially brought Toh and Nuea together. Toh is uncomfortable and exuberant with his crush, frequently saying inappropriate things. Nonetheless, they become closer at the birthday celebration. Toh and Jao join Nuea’s buddies for a party game. It leads to Toh and Nuea nearly kissing for the first time. Following the celebration, they keep inventing reasons to visit each other. Toh is astonished and delighted that Nuea is paying attention to him. He also gets amorous cues from his crush. Toh, on the other hand, is skeptical, believing that Nuea cannot possibly share his sentiments.

Meanwhile, Jao runs across Nuea’s buddy Sky during the party. The game asks Sky to flirt with Jao for a week. Although it begins as a casual flirtation, genuine feelings develop as they spend time together. Sky is really interested in his companion, lavishing him with compliments and care when the week is up. However, Jao is hesitant to reciprocate these sentiments. He believes Sky has a reputation for not being serious about long-term partnerships. Furthermore, Jao feels uneasy and self-conscious about his physical appearance, particularly his weight.


  • Knock Knock, Boys! (2023)
  • Phetra Naruemit (2023)
  • GAP (2022)
  • School Tales the Series (2022)
  • War of Y (2022)
  • Sing Again (2022)
  • My Friend, The Enemy (2022)
  • Secret Crush on You (2022)
  • Why R U? (2020)
  • My Dream (2018)


  • Death Is All Around (2023)


  • War of Y: Recap Rejai (2022)
  • War of Y: Behind the Scenes (2022)
  • Secret Crush On You Special (2022)
  • Secret Crush On You: Behind the Scenes (2022)
  • SaifahZon Story (2020)
  • Behind WHY R U (2020)
  • Why R U? Special 10.5 (2020)
  • Why R U? Special (2020)

TV Show

  • Dream World (2021)
  • SOS (2021)
  • SOS EP. 0 (2021)
  • First and Last Thailand (2021)
  • SosatSeoulsay (2020)
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