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Latest Audio Devices By JBL

JBL is a well-known brand that makes feature-packed headphones, speakers and always implements new and exciting technologies in their designs. As JBL is a subsidiary branch of Harman, they follow the Harman curve which in turn results in a balanced bass and mid-range that makes them sound good for.

JBL Smart Audio Speakers and Devices

JBL Speakers

Customers can even customize some of their headsets with a mobile app on your phone, which lets you control noise isolation, as well as gives you access to auto-off timers and a fully parametric equalizer.

They have a wide variety of wireless headphones with lots of active features, like music sharing or active noise canceling. Overall, JBL has set a benchmark for other brands in terms of feature-packed audio devices.


1] JBL Bar Studio (2.0 – Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth)

  • All-in-one Soundbar with built-in Dual Bass Port design. The sleek rectangular design of this speaker makes it easier to use and place it wherever you want to.
  • JBL Surround Sound is provided by this speaker. It looks small and sleek but the sound surprises everyone. The music just surrounds you, making you get lost in it.
  • It comes with wireless music streaming with Bluetooth and you can stream your favorite music anytime anywhere.

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2] JBL PartyBox 300 (Portable Bluetooth party speaker with light effects)

  • These bluetooth speakers offer you a Signature JBL Sound.
  • The interesting feature in this speaker is the light show. Fun colors are available which light up the room, making your time with music a lot more exciting.
  • These speakers are portable and come with a rechargeable battery. You can take them wherever you want to and charge the battery whenever needed.

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3] JBL Flip 3 Stealth Edition (Portable Bluetooth speaker)

  • They offer you a wireless Bluetooth streaming platform which is how you can use these speakers anytime and anywhere, whenever you want too. The sound quality they offer is simply amazing.
  • You get 10 Hours of Playtime with these speakers. Which is how your party can be fun and you don’t have to keep checking the battery life every minute.
  • IPX7 is the waterproof technology used in them, you can have extreme fun at your pool parties too. No need to be worried about getting water in them.

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4] JBL GO 2 (Portable Bluetooth speaker)

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • The 5 Hours of music playtime can make your party seem never-ending. You don’t have to be worried about the battery discharging every minute.
  • With its waterproof design, you don’t have to worry about the speaker getting damaged by the water. You can have the time of your life at your pool party.
  • It is also available in various fun colors if you’re bored with the same old black color.

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5] JBL TUNE 750BTNC (Wireless Over-Ear ANC Headphones)

  • These headphones provide you active noise canceling. So, if you want a break from the constant noise of the outside world, and get lost in your own, then these headphones are perfect for you.
  • They come with a pure bass sound so that you can always have a party of your own.
  • Hands-free calls & Voice control are the features available with these headphones. So, that you don’t have to constantly check your mobile phone for any incoming calls.

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6] JBL Charge 4 (Portable Bluetooth speaker)

  • Its wireless blue tooth streaming feature allows you to use these speakers anytime and anywhere, whenever you want too. The sound quality they offer is simply incredible.
  • Your party can be fun and you don’t have to keep checking the battery life every minute because of its 20 hours of music playtime.
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Available in different colors if you’re over the classic black color.

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7] JBL TUNE 205BT (Wireless Earbud headphones)

  • JBL Pure Bass sound.
  • 6-hour battery life.
  • Hands-free calls.
  • Available in 3 more colors other than black.

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8] Pulse 3 (Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker with 360° light show and sound)

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming.
  • 12 Hours of Playtime is such an incredible feature in this speaker. No need to worry about the battery discharge for straight 12 hours.
  • The 360° Lightshow and Sound feature straight up gives you a party feel.

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9] JBL SOUND GEAR BTA (Wearable wireless sound)

  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Dual mic conferencing
  • Hands-free and ears-free

10] JBL Tuner FM (Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio)

  • This speaker comes with an FM digital tuner, with its help you will have a radio with you at all times no matter where you go.
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming is a premium feature in most of the JBL speakers.
  • 8 Hours of playtime is always a bonus for any speaker.

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Overall, JBL makes feature-packed headphones for everyone, that often follow the Harman curve, resulting in good audio fidelity. They also always have some of the other exciting offers going on. So, without wasting any more of your time head over to JBL to get your audio devices and have a blast with the crisp sound quality of JBL speakers.

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