What are the Best Electronic Online Stores In Singapore?

It is pretty convenient for the average Singaporean to make an order online rather than go to the physical store. It will save a lot of time and effort on that person’s part. Thankfully, there are a lot of online stores in Singapore that will make shopping fun and easy.

Best Places to Buy Consumer Electronics In Singapore

Buy Consumer Electronics In Singapore

You will just need to make an account on the website and choose a payment method. Once you chose the items you want to buy, it will only be a matter of days before the item arrives right in your doorstep. Here are some of the best electronic online stores in Singapore.


This eCommerce website has such a massive following that it has more than a million registered users and the number keeps on growing each day.

The website’s popularity is quickly showing because it is looking to expand into the nearby SouthEast Asia countries. You can bet each day there is a successful transaction that stems from the website.


A bunch of students made Carousell and it has grown into one of the country’s biggest marketplaces where you can sell or buy just about anything you can think of including electronics.

Yes, there are brand new and used electronics here. If you see a seller earns pretty good ratings, there is no harm in checking out the electronics he has to offer. You may be getting yourself a good deal.


Lazada is pretty popular all over Southeast Asia. It is most known for its nationwide sales that happen at a certain time. Most of the items it is selling would go down deep in terms of prices. A lot of people will be going to their website for that so expect a lot of traffic.

When you finally place your order during the sale, it will be all worth it when you get an item that is priced pretty low for what it is usually worth. It already has more than half a billion consumers all over several countries in Asia and it continues to expand each day.

iShop Changi

This airport store has now expanded into an eCommerce website where you can choose from a wide variety of goods to buy. The website is pretty easy to navigate so you can tell it was made by one of the country’s top web designers.

There is a huge choice of electronics that are up for grabs from laptops to mobile phones. You can’t blame yourself if you end up shopping for a whole lot more.

All the above online stores are good choices when you want to shop online. Just make sure that you have an existing bank account because you will need to link that to the account you made.

You just need a smartphone and a place where there is a fast WiFi connection to jump-start your online shopping. If your Internet at home is a bit slow, better head over to the nearest coffee shop and your online shopping will be done in a hurry.

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