Math 101: 6 Reasons To Master Percentages

Though mathematics has a lot of branches, the most common math you encounter daily involves business and finance. Most often, financial transactions include the mathematical concept of percentage.

A percentage is a relative quantity which means ‘out of a hundred’. For instance, 27 percent can be denoted as: 27%, 27/100, or 0.27 in decimal form.

A large percentage of the society consider mathematics and all its components as one of the less liked subjects while studying. As you grow old,you eventually realize its importance and uses in our daily lives.

Math 101

Computing percentages is one of the most used mathematical concepts in business and finance, it may sound difficult at first, buthoning your solving skills would really help you improve by computing more percentage problems at

To convince you how beneficial it is, here are reasons why you must master percentages.

You Want To Know Your Income Tax

An income tax is tax levied on persons or companies based on their earnings. Basically, income tax is the result of a tax rate multiplied by taxable income. Taxation rates may differ depending on the taxpayer’s attributes, source of income, and the regulations imposed in your location.

The computation for income tax includes tax rates that are expressed in percentages,and these are deducted from your gross income.  Mastering the skill in computing for percentages makes computations more accurate and it gives you the advantage of understanding the process itself.

You Love To Shop During Mall Sales

If you love shopping and using coupons for discounts, then a knowledge of percentage computation is a great advantage for you. A discount is calculated as a percentage,and is deducted to the original price.

Price hikes and sales reductions are often stated as percentages in retail, which might be easier to understand than fractions. The next time you shop, you can enjoy comparing prices easily if you understand percentage computingeasily.

You Are Presenting A Report For Your Meeting

In whatever field you are working in, knowing how to compute percentages is an advantage. Making use ofpercentage-based presentations, as a descriptive tool to demonstrate achievements and performances is widely used now in the corporate setting.

The advantages of knowing how to compute percentages, presenting them in charts and graphs, makes corporate presentations impressive and visually satisfying.

You Need To Monitor The Weather

Monitoring the weather is easy but understanding it is a different story, mathematical notions are the only ones that make them feasible. You can anticipate the weather using probability.

Probabilities in weather forecasts are reported in terms of percentages,you might often hear phrases like, ‘20% chance of rain’. Understanding weather reports are incredibly useful in our everyday life.

Otherwise, we would be unable to plan outdoor activities or prepare for a major storm. It is better to understand percentages now than risk the chances of survival if any calamity strikes without being prepared.

You Are Creating Your Budget Plan

Knowing how to solve percentages can make you a responsible adult, because understanding how to compute will help you allocate your income properly.

Always remember, that you must prioritize paying all of your bills, such as water, electricity, food, and other living expenditures. An extra amount beside your savings can be allotted for some well-deserved relaxation or shopping.

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