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Check where your website ranking in Google SERPs

Your website is ranking in Google SERPs?

Google Continuously update its Google’s website ranking algorithm to refines its results and provides best information to the user. Due to the changes the position of your website fluctuates day to day. Means a page of a website may rank on different positions in SERPs for the same keyword.

website ranking Google SERPs

Website ranking in Google SERPs?

How a website page fluctuates:

Fluctuations in a day- the changes may occur but it does not affect too much in positioning like if your website page is ranking on 1st page 4 link then if the position changes then it may go to 1st page 3 link or 1st page 5 link. In simple words the change in position is just two or three normally

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Fluctuation in a week- the website page position may fluctuate from 3rd page to 8th page or from 1st page to 5th page etc.
Your website ranking position also varies due to personalization and localization (depending upon searcher’s location like country or city). Let’s take an example in Canada someone types “garage door repairs” then Google automatically going show the results from the Canada not from UK, US or India.

Personalization- let’s take an example if a user is signed into the Google or using Google chrome as browser and searches for a keyword phrase and if someone has visited a site many times. Then it’s possible that if other person searching for the same keyword, then that site will rank higher in the SERPs.

Due to the algorithm updates, personalization and localization, the ranking of a website changes depending upon the location and time. It is possible to find that where your website is ranking for a particular keyword phrase at particular time from particular location. But you can check average position of your website page ranking for keywords through Google webmaster tools, which is free and accurate.

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How to check where your website ranking in the Google with Google webmaster tools:

Website Ranking in Google Webmaster Tools

1. First go to Google Webmaster Tools and sign in to it.

2. Just click on the name of the website, if you have not created then click on Add Site.

3. On the right side click on “SEARCH TRAFFIC”  “SEARCH QUERIES”.

Note- The numbers of impressions, clicks and queries shown are approximations, those are not accurate. Due to technical errors the information or data might be different from information shown in Google Analytics.

To filter the results or we can say to get accurate ranking data. Set “SEARCH” option as “WEB” and set “LOCATION” to “UNITED STATES”.

Date – select shorter range of date because shorter the range is more accurate the ranking data will be. As the past ranking data will affect the data of your present ranking, so it’s better to select shorter range date.

Queries – queries tells that for which keywords you website is ranking.

Impressions – it is the number of times your website appears in SERPs for a specific keyword.

Clicks – the number of times user clicked on your website page when appears in SERPs.

CTR(click through rate) – number of clicks / impressions X 100

Average Position – The average position of your website ranking in SERPs for a particular keyword. Let’s take an example if your website is ranking on 3rd for a keyword for half of the time and for the rest of times your website is ranking on 7th, the average position is 5th.

Download table – you have to download the data table in every 3 months, as the data is not accessible after 3 months.

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So, By the use of Google Webmaster tool we can find that where your website ranking in Google’s SERPs. Google Webmaster Tool is not just for that we can check all the issues related to website.

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  • Hello Harshil
    ya it is really difficult to get the high rank for some keywords now days. Google contineousely keep changing it algorithms. WMT is the best place to see the optimization of any website. Nice informative post at all. thanks for it.

  • Great at last i found it, looking for this on web from a couple of weeks. Now i am gonna check my SERP rankings. Thanks for sharing.

  • A very nice article Sandhu Brothers.

    You know being a blogger I didn’t knew where could I check my SERP ranking.

    I tried searching it on the Internet. A lot of site claimed to show SERP ranking but as usual they didn’t worked.

    I didn’t knew this trick was hiding under my kitty i.e. Webmaster tool.

    Will immediately try it and since this trick is shown my SEO experts it does holds authority.

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