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Should You Quit Your Job And Work For Yourself?

An entrepreneur is someone who takes the risk of starting a new business. They are risk-takers who take their odds in starting a new business and hope it becomes successful. An entrepreneur is a leader and an innovator.

The salaried individual is anyone who works a job and gets a fixed amount of income in return every month. Salaried individuals do not bear the risk of starting a new business and risking capital. Thus it can be said that they play it safe. Most people in this world fall under this category.

Quitting My Job to Work for Myself


Since both these options of earning a living exist, there has to be a comparison. All of us at one point have thought about starting a business. While some of us go through with it, most of us don’t. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t either.

The question that arises from this conversation is, how do we choose which career path to go down on? Although it is something that you will have to assess personally, you should know the characteristics of both. In other words, before you choose one over the other, you need to be aware of what makes them different.


One of the biggest differences between starting your own business or working for someone is control. If you’re an entrepreneur and own the business you have control over decision making. You can implement any changes you want as long as they are within legal bounds.

This sense of control can be highly motivating for some individuals. For example, if you’re in the molding business you could freely choose between injection molded vs roto-molded coolers.

In comparison, if you are a salaried individual who does not own the business, your control is very limited. Some businesses do allow their employees to have a say in decision-making or have some control.

However, that is subjective. If the owner wants, he could just ignore your opinion while choosing something as simple as a plastic table supplier.


This is something that is possessed by both work paths. Depending on your job, you may be given creative control as a salaried individual as well. However, even that will be limited to the entrepreneur or owner’s decision.

As an entrepreneur, you have complete creative power. You can go down any route or trend as long as it lies within legal boundaries.

Risk And Reward

Risk and reward are potentially the biggest factors in deciding whether to start a business or work for a business. Businesses are promoted a lot more through activities such as a Las Vegas trade show booth builder. Considering that you become an entrepreneur, you will bear both high risk and high reward.

If the business booms, you might just become a Millionaire overnight, and if it doesn’t chances are you might lose all your life’s worth. However, you can play it safe too by not investing everything into your start-up and just investing what you could afford to lose. However, even in this setup, you will bear some risks or rewards too.

As a salaried individual, you only have one risk, getting terminated. Working as a salaried individual is the safest route. You won’t lose any money even if the business fails.

The most that could happen is that you would lose your job. However, you don’t bear a lot of rewards either. You will be provided with a constant salary for most types of jobs. Even in the jobs that give commission, it’s not even a fraction of what the owner gets.


Another major factor in the decision is responsibility. It is no surprise that entrepreneurs bear a great deal of responsibility. One bad contract or performance could mean doomsday for the entire business.

A bad move could lead to years of hard work going down the drain. Entrepreneurs also have to keep an eye on everyone’s work performance as well.

Employees however do not have to worry about that. They have much less responsibility since they just have to focus on their own personal tasks. They don’t have to worry about other problems such as contracts, business competition, and management issues.


Practically speaking, there should be a balance. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur and not everyone can work as a salaried individual. If everyone was an entrepreneur there will be no labor force to employ.

If everyone went for being a salaried individual, there would be no firm that would hire. So it all comes down to a balance.

While choosing which road to go down on, take your time. Choose wisely. Personal characteristics matter as well. Other aspects such as financing etc are also important but they come later on. You can start a business with no real money but you can’t start a business without being a leader or risk-taker.

Thus, before you make your decision make sure to evaluate your personal traits as well. In this article, we have discussed some major differences between them both. Hopefully, this will help you in making a better-informed decision.

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