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How Software Integration Can Help Your Business

It could be argued that one of the most common problems faced by businesses today is the ability to manage the growing amount of data they have regarding employees, clients, suppliers, transactions, and so on. Despite the proliferation of smart devices, dynamics GP cloud services and automation, many growing companies become entangled with the complex application landscape.

Software Integration (Boost Your Business)

Software integration helps your business

They keep adding sophisticated business software to manage their operations, but often find themselves with an IT architecture that is poorly planned and holding them back from scaling efficiently.

This “software hairball” of disparate systems hinders productivity, causes maintenance costs to skyrocket, and inhibits the company’s ability to grow.

One way to simplify the process and create a bridge between various separate applications is through software integration. By having all of your applications integrated with a single codebase and database, you can save money, improve efficiency, and consolidate your business processes.

Let’s explore.

1) Improve Process Efficiency Across Your Business

Important business processes such as invoicing, order processing, or cash collection can take a lot longer when your systems are disjointed and more prone to errors.

For example, your employees could be wasting time and resources by manually entering order information into your accounting system. If an order is canceled, they have to look through piles of data to make the necessary adjustments.

But when your software is integrated and automated, you can reduce such wasteful manual tasks and increase the productivity of your employees. According toone study, businesses that implemented software integration increased their sales productivity by 12.5% and sped up their financial close times by 50%, among other benefits.

2) Better Decision-Making with Real-Time Visibility

It’s hard to obtain an integrated view of your business’s operations when your systems are disjointed and you have overlapping directories. As a result, a lot of companies simply abandon the idea of collecting data regarding sales, finances, or marketing because of the amount of time and effort it takes to acquire and analyze information.

Software integration makes it possible for you to collect data in real time without wasting time or resources. Your employees can make better, more accurate decisions when they have instant access to important data. For example, they can monitor suppliers’ workloads in real time, make timely and informed decisions, and adjust operations accordingly.

3) Dramatic Time and Cost Savings

Due to the high number of disparate applications, you will have to spend a lot of money to adapt and accommodate new apps or compensate for the gaps in your system management.

For example, you need to invest a significant amount of time and resources to integrate new software with existing systems. This valuable time and resources could have been used to scale your business.

With software integration, your IT department could focus on improving your business operations instead of installing and maintaining multiple systems. The dramatic reduction in IT time would automatically lead to a significant decrease in operational costs.

4) Increased Customer Acquisition

In this day and age when customers click, tap, and swipe their ways looking for the right product for their needs, the ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience is paramount. If they can’t get information on their order status or if they don’t have their problems solved promptly, they will choose your competitors over you.

Software integration allows your employees to access important information instantly so that they can provide customers with a seamless experience. Your IT team, for instance, could focus on building solutions that add value and improve customer experience instead of constantly integrating and maintaining new software.

5) Accelerated Growth

Accelerated Growth of your business

Software integration makes the process of adding new sales channels or expanding to multiple locations simple and fast. The unified system also makes it easier for you to cross-sell and upsell to your existing customer base. You will be able to respond more efficiently to market changes because the integrated system architecture is designed to support these adaptations.

When reporting, maintaining, and managing business processes is made easier, you can focus on cutting the inefficiencies and increasing your profits.

In a Nutshell

Disjointed systems are a roadblock that can derail and hinder even the most technologically advanced business. It’s just not possible to maximize your efforts when you are constantly fixing errors caused by applications that don’t work together. You’ll need to consider an integrated solution if you want to take your business to the next level of success. 🙂

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