The Different Types of Bingo Games Explained

There is a common misconception about bingo that it is often associated with old people but the reality suggests something quite the opposite.

The game is well received by the young people. It is enjoyed by both males and females which only adds to the popularity of bingo. The game is simply an unending fun for most of us out there.

Types of Bingo Games Explained

Different Types of Bingo Games

The basic concept of the game us to fulfil a certain are of the card or cards and then blurting out the famous word “Bingo”. The bingo is truly a game of chances but the probability says that the win percentage in the bingo is very high and when the day is lucky, the stakes are higher.

Bingo is a very easy game to understand with very easy general rules. There is a minimum of a single card for every player out there. That very card has 25 slots with number written on it and one being a free space. Here i mentioned minimum ne card which means that a player can also have more than one card.

Of course, the more card increases the chances to win as well. The rotating barrel with numbers will display the numbers. The players will have to mark the number displayed or announced if it is in their card.

The game is very popular in clubs and large halls but these days it is growing so much on the online platforms. There are a huge number of sites that lets you play bingo with your friends or with random people all around the world.

There are world-wide tournaments that are organised every now and then. The online bingo caters the needs of a huge number of people as the chances are more and the stakes are higher. You can simply stay home and have fun with people all across the globe.

The online bingo offers some unique features like promo codes and bonus codes that aren’t generally offline. The promo codes are generally offered to the people who are new to the game or in short people who have visited the site for the first time.

They are offered on big bingo houses and also third-party websites as well. One of the examples of the websites offering such promo codes is These codes can be redeemed like bonuses or after some games. They can offer some really good deals. This makes the life of a bingo player more exciting hence more fun to play the online bingo. The other fun part is bingo bonus codes which are available to all the players and can give you some boost up.

Now that we have understood some general things about the bingo. It is time to dig more and find understand the different types of bingo games.

1] 30 Ball Bingo

This is also known by the name speed bingo as it consumes the least time. It is not as common and as popular like the other games but it is a quick booster for the bingo lovers. It only has 30 balls or numbers to play with at one time.

The speed bingo has a slightly different gaming card with 9 numbers where each square is filled in a 3*3 grid. It is played with a quick pace and there is only a one winner which means that stakes are really high in the speed bingo. It can change your fate in minutes.

2] 75 Ball Bingo

This is probably the most popular bingo game of United States. The country has multiple format variations across the states. It hasn’t stopped only in United States of America, it is showing huge growth rates all around the world.

For the 75-ball bingo, the first winner has to have a row which is full of numbers checked off their card. It can be in any direction- down, up or diagonally. Some people play it in different styles, then players may use these patterns differently and allow some other patterns as they may desire.

This American blockbuster bingo has a 5*5 grid which means it has 25 squares. Out of these 25 squares, 24 of them contain numbers. Well, yes you are guessing it right. The centre square is left blank in the 75-ball bingo.

3] 80 ball Bingo

Well, if you ask my personal favourite than this is my favourite by a mile. The reason is that it was specially created for the online world. It has seen a rapid rise in popularity since its arrival.

What I like about this game is its online nature and very specific digital infrastructure that this game offers. In order to win the 80-ball bingo one must mark off a row completely. The row must be marked off as shown in your respective card.

This version uses a 4*4 card, this means that it holds 16 numbers that are likely to be used by the player in order to win.

The 16 numbers offer a variety of interesting patterns which include the four corners, vertical lines, horizontal lines and even single numbers. The only catch in the bingo is that you need to keep an eye on the ball. It’s a simple game only if you are cautious enough.

4] 90 Ball Bingo

This is the biggest of all the bingo shades out there in the industry. Its huge in terms of numbers and in terms of popularity as well. It is undoubtably the most popular version of bingo. Obviously, it consists of 90 numbers.

It serves well both offline and online. The numbers in 90-ball bingo are displayed randomly across 9 columns. There are 5 numbers in each row and there are 3 such rows.

This game basically works in three stages. The first winner in the 90-ball bingo is a player who completes a horizontal row. The first winner is followed by a second winner who acquires two full horizontal rows.

At last the grand prize is reserved to a player who gets every single number on his card. In bingo terminology, it is called a full house, BINGOOO.

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