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How to Download Video From Facebook Online

Nowadays facebook is the largest social media platform. It has more than two billion users. There is no wonder that people will prefer facebook for uploading their videos.

How to Save Videos From Facebook

Facebook Video Downloader

So, facebook has turned into one of the most preferred video sites. Facebook authority is becoming the rival of youtube, as the days are passing by. People are also paying attention to facebook on the purpose of watching video just like they focus on youtube.

But the problem is, facebook can’t provide the leverage of it’s users to watch videos offline from it without downloading these.

On the other hand, youtube gives the opportunity to watch the videos when the audience is offline. All they have to do is download the video.

Does it mean people have no scope to watch videos from facebook when they are offline? The answer is:yes. They can watch videos from facebook when they are offline? How? You have to go through the blog to know the ways you need to follow when you want fb video to download. Have a look!

Download Videos From Facebook On Your Desktop

Follow those steps to download a facebook video from your desktop.

  1. Open facebook at first. Go to the link: https://www.facebook.com/. It will open your facebook news feed if you have logged in already.
  2. Otherwise, log in at first. Enter your email id or phone number that you have provided in your facebook account. Now insert password. Now your log in procedure is complete.
  3. Then go to the video you want to download.
  4. Check if the video is public or not. If you see a globe icon below the name of the person who has shared the video, then it is public. You can download it easily.
  5. But if you see there is an icon of two people or a lock sign, then the video is not public. You can’t download the video.
  6. Now do a right click on that video. If you are using a mac computer, you should press the “Ctrl” button and click on the video.
  7. If your computer has no mouse but a trackpad, then press the trackpad with two fingers. Otherwise, you can press the bottom-right area of the pad.
  8. By doing any of these, you will get an option as “Show video url.” Click upon it. Here you will find a little pop up box. You will get the video link in the pop up box.
  9. Now you have to copy the link. First, select the entire link. Then hit the “Ctrl” and “c: button on your windows operating system at the same time. If you are using a macbook, then press the “command” and “c” button. Now copying the link is done.
  10. Now ngo to the downloading website. Here are several websites like Getfvid that help you to download the video.
  11. Here you should paste the link of the video that you have already copied.
  12. Now hit the “download” option. After clicking upon the “download” option, you should confirm it.
  13. After that, this website will do the rest. It will download the facebook video with the best quality.

Download Facebook Videos In iphone

  1. First, open the facebook application from your iphone. It will take you to your news feed where you will find what other people post.
  2. Go to the facebook video that you want to download.
  3. Check if the video is public or not. If it is not public, then you can’t download it.
  4. Play the video first. If you copy the link without playing the video, there is a chance of getting a broken link.
  5. Now go to the “share” and tap it. You will find the share option bottom right of the video.
  6. By tapping “share” you will get a menu bar. There you will find “copy link” option. Tap it. Now you have copied the video.
  7. Here you have to go the :document app”. Paste the link in that document app. If you don’t have a document app, then download it from the playstore.
  8. Now tap on the “download” option. This application will download the video with the best quality. It will automatically save the video in the file manager of your iphone.
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