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Don’t Have a Website for Your Business in 2019? Here’s What You Are Missing Out

We live in an era where all of our daily necessities and luxury are allied to technology. It may come as a surprise to know that there are a few companies that don’t make use of such opportunities that revolve around tech. They must be surely missing out on a lot since they don’t virtually exist at all.

Business Websites


As it comes to businesses, traditional sales and offline marketing companies have found new and improved ways to enhance the status of their organizations. One of the reasons for achieving their goals can be by adding a business website domain for their clientele.

Many small and large businesses worldwide display their products and services on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. are an excellent source but are they enough?

Let’s scrutinize if having your business website can boost your revenue.

1] Online Platforms

There is no significant drawback of putting your content on social media forums. You will have control over almost everything. You can add additional details and edit your work online whenever you feel like it. Also You can also add more sale-related buttons or options to turn viewers into potential customers.

It makes sales very easy and free from complications, but on the contrary, you do lose a commission for the services on third party websites. Having your independent webpage will make you in charge of all the activities such as earning from affiliated banners to making attractive templates and monitor and access to all the traffic.

2] Restrictions

There could be some restrictions on regional laws, as well as copyright issues. Your services should match the criteria provided by the host where your products and services are for sale.

But on your webpage, you don’t have to follow any strict guidelines as long as you are providing fair and legitimate services. This way, there would also be less interference in your work.

3] Traffic Analysis

Knowing your business analytics can help enhance your conversion rates. A detailed analytics report tells you where your business stands amongst your competitors.

It also says, which of your services were availed by different visitors by ethnicity, age, gender, and region and also based on their interests. It also suggests which product was a success and how you can come up with similar yet better marketing strategies.

Traffic Analysis

A third party website does not provide you with in-depth analytics. It makes it difficult to predict the rate of sales and conversion and can potentially make things worse for your business if you don’t know whether your company is making any progress or not.

4] Control

Unlike a third-party website where you were at the mercy of their every whim, your website gives you the proper rights to manage it however and whenever you want.

You can upload any of your business content. You can customize your website in a way to attract more people, such as developing a new custom web design or with new sale-related options. Also You can upload a variety of your products and display as many products you want without any restrictions or limitations.

5] Business is Business

According to the American Marketing Association, more than half of the people search for websites with brands they trust. If you don’t have a website, people will have issues concerning your credibility.

People prefer official websites where they can look into all of your products and have the means to contact you for further details. Many third-party websites are unable to provide any proof of the products and services opted by customers.

Even though social media platforms do help in generating more customers for your business, a website can help you take that previous revenue into something three times larger than what you initially expected to get.

6] Increased Sales

If you’re still wondering what is so good about making your business website. Making sales happen online can provide you with a lot of options on making that happen effectively. Having your site can provide you with options on how you can sell your product or services to different customers across the world.

You can use PayPal or other kinds of payment systems so that it’s possible for people to have a choice in choosing which method they can pay through more efficiently.

7] Social Proof

Testimonials or reviews provide the social proof of how your clients rate your business services to other viewers. People are more likely to listen to other customers who have brought from you rather than just from judging what they see in the pictures on your website.

8] Google

A website can help you to get into the first few pages of the Google search engine result. All you need to do is optimize your webpage for search engines, which helps to increase the organic traffic coming in your website.

What most people haven’t considered is that a majority of online users search online to find the places they can make online purchases. They use keywords such as “best handbag shops in Paris” or “Where can I find the perfect heels?” etc. which helps to generate sites that can be of use to them.

9] Extra Services

The more extra service you provide, the more people will be willing to purchase from your websites rather than go to other websites that sell similar products as yours.

There are various sites where people find it difficult to understand what the company does for clients and how it can benefit them. Pictures and descriptions alone won’t help you.

You need to add a boost to your services, such as providing a video of tutorials or options of downloading PDF files where they can learn detailed instructions on how to use your company’s products.

10] Keeps Your Clients Informed

It is essential to let your current and future customers up to date with all of your latest products, new services, limited sales, special offers, and whatnot. Updated blogs increase the credibility of a website.

More people are likely to visit your site for continuous updates. It also helps to improve search engine optimization for your website, which eventually produces a large amount of organic traffic and revenue drawn into your website.

11] Accessible at All Times

Working at offline stores limits your business exposure to roughly around a period of 7 to 8 hours. Since the digital age took over, people have been using various technologies such as laptops and mobile phones to shop at any time of the day when they can find the time. Some people end up buying things online in the middle of the night as well.

Every product made available with a picture and description is enough to get someone hooked on your products while you are asleep.

12] Direct Connection with Clients

There are also times when people still don’t understand your products and would need further details to consider buying from your company. A website offers an option of FAQs, an email address, an office address or the company’s office number, etc.

These provide customers a place to discuss their issues or ask a question about the product or services directly with the business owner. The better your customer service is, the more people will think about buying from your company again.

It also opens up an opportunity for you to use exceptional customer service skills. It will benefit your existing customers to spread positive words about you. Hence increase your number of clients and maintain a high business status at the same time.

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