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Top 7 Interior Design Trends to Incorporate In Your HDB Home

Just like conventional art, interior design has its waves and trends. Indeed, there have been some completely unique looks that have become essential parts of modern HDB homes.

Still, some old designs have returned for good. Whether you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy or timeless interior design, there’s always something to steal from the latest trends. Read on to learn about our 7 shortlisted top interior design trends in Singapore.

Interior Design Trends

Elevate Your Furniture

Elevated furniture has long been a viable solution for small and restricted spaces. Placing lofty living room and kitchen cabinetry can do wonders if you’re living in a 2-room or 3-room HDB home. While it may make your rooms feel airy and spacious, it will also raise the sight of interest.

Another great example is the elevated bed with a bedside drawer as inspiration from the Scandinavian interior style. Moreover, it will make your rooms look much less cluttered.

Warmth Reinvented

Colours play an essential part in every interior design. Ideally, they can make or break any home look, especially in 2-room or 3-room HDB homes. Indeed, restricted spaces opt for careful palette choice to set the right mood.

Fortunately, warm colour schemes are back as a practical solution for homes with limited room. Different shades of reds, orange and even tangerine will brighten up every HDB interior design. You can combine them with earthy tones in browns and beiges to remove the cool hues altogether. Replacing sharp angles with round, softened edges may make your home more inviting.

Curves Add Interest

Standard boxy sofas and armchairs have been rarely out of the typical interior design plans. However, it’s time to replace them with more organic and attractive shapes.

Indeed, streamlined furniture may also be part of the good old trends revived. Still, adding some comfy chairs and sofas to match your mirror or artwork can change your home aesthetics.

Flexible Pieces

Since space is a valuable commodity, flexible furniture is a must-have in every HDB flat. The latest trends involve foldable and retractable pieces that can quickly turn any corner in your home into a multi-functional space.

A prime example is a fold-out table and chairs for your dining area. Alternatively, you can bring various small pieces of furniture with subtle wheels to move around your home.

Monochromatic Palette

Many renowned designers and homeowners have dispelled monochrome looks in the past few years. Indeed, such colour combinations often border with dull aesthetics. Surprisingly, embracing black and white or single-coloured finishes have become a norm.

A prime example of monochromatic looks are interiors with bright white walls and black furniture. Of course, homeowners don’t have to stick to the traditional way of delivering a monochromatic look. Perhaps, you’re looking for a bit unorthodox aesthetics for your HDB home interior.

In such cases, you can mix and match the plain black and white with different patterns and prints in the same colour scheme. Moreover, you can adorn your interior with suitable decorations, accessories, elements and details.

Embrace Sustainability

Along with eco-conscious living comes sustainable interior design. As more people seek to minimise their environmental impact, using sustainable materials has become increasingly popular lately. Some of the best examples include bamboo floors and rattan chairs, which are less burdensome to produce.

If you love vintage elements, you can browse through the offers in your local thrift store. Implementing second-hand items in your HDB interior design will add that touch of uniqueness to your home. Besides, it may save you a considerable sum.

Create a Living Home

Undoubtedly, using sustainable materials has become increasingly popular in eco-friendly homes. While they often do a perfect job in Scandinavian interiors, they’re sometimes not enough. In such cases, you can take a step further and bring nature home with some beautiful plants.

Whatever the type and size, carefully-positioned greenery is the perfect way to enhance the interior aesthetics. If you lack light in your home, you can go for more tolerant species like Snake Plant.

However, if your home is more spacious, you might want to make a statement with a palm or a Monstera. Either way, bringing nature indoors can’t go wrong, especially if you’re ready to water your plants once or twice weekly.

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