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5 Benefits of Using A Website Builder for Small Businesses

The Internet has become a part of our daily lives, affecting the way we learn, communicate or even do business. In recent years, e-commerce has dramatically increased, people now buying more and more online than going to physical stores. This change affected many small business owners who didn’t adapt to the new generations’ way of spending money.

Small Business Website Builders


Nowadays, it’s crucial to have at least a presentation website for your business on which you can showcase your products and/or services. A professional design from scratch may cost you a small fortune, not to mention the costs of purchasing a domain and hosting your website.

If the technical aspects of a website might scare you and you lack the budget to hire a web designer, then a website builder software may be the tool you’re looking for.

Increase the credibility of your business to potential customers, get more visible on search engines and social media channels and boost your sales by having your own business website.

Don’t worry about coding and design skills, because these are not necessary at all if you use a website builder software like WebDo website builder, which makes it so easy to design the website of your dreams in just a couple of minutes.

What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool that can help you create a website without any coding or design knowledge. It comes with built-in themes and marketing tools for all kinds of businesses.

You can select a suitable theme for your website and then customize it according to your needs. Moreover, these builders also have come with useful tools and services, like integrated apps, hosting control panel, domain purchasing, and more. Check out WebDo’s apps here.

A Website Builder for Small Businesses

1] Launch your site in a matter of minutes.

The sooner you have a website, the better. With the help of pre-made templates and intuitive design tools, you can create your business website in minutes. Just import the template you selected and start customizing it with your own logo, texts, photos, and more.

2] Budget-friendly solution.

One of the main benefits of using a web builder is that you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to a professional website designer. You just need to allocate less than an hour of your time and create a website according to your needs.

You can do this for free, as most website builders offer trial periods or free plans with some limitations, or by paying an affordable monthly cost which varies between $20 -$40 a month. This includes hosting and other technical parts of running a website.

3] Full control over the feel and look of your site

No more briefs, feedbacks and going back and forth with a design team. If you are designing your website, then you can choose exactly how your website will look.

4] Zero coding knowledge.

This is the best part about drag and drop website builders, as you do not need to have even basic knowledge of coding to create a website. Of course, some builders come with PRO versions for those who are more experienced and want to customize every detail of their site, but this is entirely optional.

Website Templates

5] Integrated marketing tools.

Email marketing, social media management, client presentations, surveys…if you’re getting nauseous only by thinking about these, then an all-in-one web builder solution is what you need. Get all the apps you need to promote your business, in just one place.

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Article published on: 28 August 2019.

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  • Thanks for the article. You refresh my memories and my first online business. I tried to build a small eCommerce myself but didn’t have enough knowledge to do it and didn’t have enough money to pay for it. I used WIX (it was still a cheap solution at the time). I don’t know how it is now. The website was great, and it worked well too. Business, however, is not. But I remember that time well.