The Top 4 Best RV Travel Apps For Your Next Road Trip

RVs are among the best and most comfortable travel methods, providing the ultimate road trip vehicle. Over 11 million households in the United States own an RV, but few know about the best RV travel apps to get the most from each experience.

RV trip planning is complex, whether you’re traveling in a small Class B campervan or a hefty Class A mansion on wheels. Finding the best RV tips can turn any RV road trip into the vacation of your dreams.

Best RV Apps to Enhance Your Road Trip Adventures

The good news is that you’ve discovered this beneficial guide to learn about the RV apps you can use to improve your travel experience and limit stress. Continue reading to download and try these apps today!


Campendium is a valuable resource when considering RV rentals and nature-based road trips for your next family vacation. The app, available only for iPhone users, shows free and affordable campsites near your location.

You can search nearby locations for beautiful camping spots during your RV road trip. It’s one of the best apps for RV trip planning, helping you plot your course and find places to stay.

The app provides insight into the price per night, access to WiFi and electrical hookups, and phone service. You can upgrade the app for $50 annually, which helps you filter campsites by cell phone coverage and providers.


iOverlander is a similar app to Campendium, but it’s available for Android and iPhone users. The app can find campsites, shower locations, and propane refill stations. User reports rate the campsites and services.

The drawback of this app is that the information is only sometimes up-to-date. Still, it’s valuable when used with Campendium.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a unique paid app that is perfect for RV travel. For $99 annually, the app provides free access to wineries, orchards, and other places to camp. You’re expected to purchase $30 of goods from the host you’re staying with.

It’s an excellent option to discover unique experiences and make lasting friendships. You can use it to find places to stay near Los Angeles.

RV Life

If you’re looking for the best RV travel apps for navigation, RV Life has you covered. You can plan a customized route based on your rig’s size and weight, ensuring a stress-free adventure.

The app provides turn-by-turn directions to guide you toward your favorite destinations. It’s also helpful when seeking campgrounds and off-grid sites to stay at during your trip. The app costs $49.99 annually and is an excellent option to add to your arsenal of RV apps.

Download the Best RV Travel Apps Today

Finding the best RV travel apps is critical to enjoying a stress-free and adventurous RV vacation. Compendium is a valuable app for iPhone users with several free features when seeking campgrounds.

RV Life is one of the best navigation options during your trip, accounting for the size and weight of your rig. Harvest Hosts is ideal for discovering unique experiences and making new friends.

Travel is the ultimate way to discover and learn more about the world around you. Check out our Travel content for inspiration and tips on planning your next trip today!

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