Three Important Things No One Tells You About Going to College

For a lot of people, going to college is about having fun. Well, with the kind of coverage that college gets in the media, who could blame them? Truth is college is fun for most people for one reason – independence.

College offers kids the first attempt at adult life, albeit in a protected environment. That freedom from parental control and responsibility for one’s self is part of the fun of campus. However, that’s just one side to college life. Here’s a compilation of things you should note before going to college.

About Going to College

1] College can be lonely.

Ironically enough, the same reason why college will be fun is the same reason why it can get very lonely. Leaving home can be jarring for some people, with some getting homesick in their first few weeks.

If you go to a college far from home, you’ll have to make friends all over again. Considering that college can get very busy with activities, it may be a bit difficult to find people who care.

That being said, you’ll meet a lot of great and smart people in your time in college. The friends you make in college are likely to end up being lifelong friends.

2] College is a lot of work.

For a lot of students, the seriousness of college doesn’t hit home until they have to write their first project or paper. The truth is college is about working.

What makes a successful college experience is less about the parties you attended and more about the work you put in. You’ll have to write a lot of presentations and study hard. For some people, the workload can be overwhelming, but you stand a better chance if you’re prepared for it.

You’ll likely become a coffee addict as you try to juggle between various deadline projects and papers. Having friends to share those stressful times is an advantage. You’ll also have to engage in extracurriculars if you’re serious about building your CV.

3] A college education is expensive.

Tertiary education in the US is particularly expensive. With an average annual cost of $30,000, college education in America is twice as much as in other developed countries.

The cost rises even higher with the rank of the college. If you don’t have enough to pay for it, you may have to get a student loan. If you’re considering getting a student loan, you’ll have to be careful about your choices.

A college education is expensive

High-ranking schools are typically not much better than middle-ranked schools and cost a lot more. You may be better off going to a less expensive school to manage your debt. For more on student loans, visit

You can also choose to go to a cheaper school first to earn college credits before transferring to a high-ranking college to complete your degree.


The college experience is unique and tasking for everybody. However, the better-prepared you are for it, the easier it is.

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