Tips to Choose the Best Wire Strippers for Electrical Projects

Wire stripping is done when one end of a wire needs to be prepared for connection with another component. Wire strippers are must-have tools for electricians, as they make the task of cutting and stripping wires faster without causing any damage to the insulated metal wire inside.

Best Wire Strippers for Electrical Projects

Are you looking for wire strippers for an electrical project? If yes, then click here for a complete round-up of how to choose the best ones. Whether you are buying strippers for the first time or you want to replace the old worn-out ones, this guide will cover what wire strippers are, how they work, and how to choose the best ones.

What are Wire Strippers?

Wire strippers are useful hand tools used by electricians and production workers for assembling and repairing wires. They make it easier to remove the plastic covering from the cut piece of a wire, after which the wire can be connected to a terminal, or two wires can be spliced together.

Many strippers can also be used to cut wires so that the worker does not need to switch between cutters and strippers and waste time. There are two types of wire strippers available out there.

  • Automatic: These strippers pull off the insulation from the wire and also cut it.
  • Manual: These strippers require the worker to pull out the wire after cutting the insulation manually.

Factors to Look for While Buying Wire Strippers

Wire strippers seem to be simple tools that anyone can buy without much thought, but certain features make one better than the other.

Some can repeat the stripping tasks at high speed, while others are more focused on working with care and flexibility. Here are a few key features that you must look for while shopping for wire strippers.

Manual vs. Automatic

The major difference in wire strippers lies in their manual and automatic operation. Automatic strippers cut and pull away the insulation in one step only.

On the other hand, manual ones consume more effort and time since the worker needs to yank it off manually using the other hand. However, automatic strippers may not handle delicate wires, as they may break wires of the smaller gauge.

Wire Gauge

If you are working with common wire gauges, then a small-sized wire stripper would be enough for you. But you will need a larger stripper if you are handling less common wire gauge sizes. Compare the size of the stripper with that of the wire gauge to know which would be more suitable for your purpose.

Handle Grip

If you use the stripper only occasionally for short projects, this factor won’t matter much to you. But if you are a professional and need to use them for long durations, then a stripper with poor grip may lead to cramps and blisters in your hands. So, it’s important to have a comfortable and ergonomic handle grip if you are a professional worker.


If you often need to strip wire and then crimp their terminals, then it will be convenient if your wire stripper has crimping slots too.

Needle-Nose Tip

A needle-nose tip helps in guiding cut wire through a conduit or to bend it onto terminals. There are wire strippers with the needle-nose tip so that you can grip them easily after cutting. This will save your time and effort you would have spent on switching between tools.


Before you buy a wire stripper, look at its quality and material, and make sure that it is sturdy enough to last long. If you are purchasing online, read through its customer reviews and make an informed decision after doing some research.

So, these are some of the factors you must consider while buying wire strippers for electrical projects. Find a reliable supplier who offers a variety of strippers in good build and quality at affordable prices. Click here to view the entire range of top wire stripper brands such as Jokari.

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