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Today’s Facebook Marketing Trends That Will Help You Gain More Likes

Business analysts may not agree on everything, but there’s one thing in which they seem to share consensus: the growth of social media. Social media platforms are now trumping traditional modes of advertising in almost every aspect.

Any brand or business that wants to scale fast at an affordable rate must now consider bringing in social media. Being one of the oldest yet one of the most popular platforms, Facebook is a great place to start. We will show you what’s working for businesses worldwide as they position themselves to be market leaders.

Facebook Marketing Trends

Facebook Communities

Many people rely on peer information when making decisions about their lives. So, rather than go to professionals or businesses, they will want to hear what others have to say. Have they used a product? Did they like it? These are the questions that have fueled expert Facebook groups to high levels of prominence.

Statistics show that at least ten million groups exist on this platform! That would be a nice place to test the waters when it comes to your products or services. Get to know what people think, interact with them, and offer solutions on your Facebook page.

It does not hurt to buy cheap Facebook followers, as this makes you stand out from the rest of the millions interacting on the page. People believe in numbers and will gravitate towards the most popular option, even on social media- make yours attractive!

Facebook Lives

Have you gone live on your page? If there’s another thing that people have come to appreciate, it is one-on-one interaction with influencers and brands. Those who often have Facebook lives where users can interact with them in real-time often see a spike in their likes and business growth.

Of course, you should align your Facebook live with your business strategies. For example, if you are a business selling interior décor items, you can hold a live to answer questions about redecorating a home. Think of the questions that most of your followers often ask and make these conversation starters. Your numbers will grow!

Video Marketing

When Facebook first started, it was a platform where people could post captions and share images with their friends. It then evolved to encompass almost everything you would find on any other social platform. It’s now commonplace to come across videos on this platform, with more users churning out video content.

But is this a good move for you? Why, yes, it is! Pictures are great for people who want to skim through the app and don’t have much time to go through numerous posts. But for the target audience (people who spend a lot of time on Facebook), pictures alone won’t cut it. Instead, you need to spend more time on your content and make it educative, entertaining, or both.

For example, if you want to launch a big sale on your website, make it a thing- post a video explaining the sale, showing people going crazy over the sale, etc. To stand out, you cannot afford to rely on methods that worked a decade ago.

Facebook Messenger

How responsive are you to your customers? You may not know this, but your response rate has a huge impact on your customer relationship management. People want to hear back from you when they lodge complaints or inquire about your products and services.

If it were up to them, they would like an answer there and now. Facebook has made this immediacy more attainable. How? Its messenger platform enables you to customize common responses to questions. You create a list of possible questions and their answers and set these up in the system.

Any customer who asks a question related to these will get an immediate response, and if they are happy with the answer, they won’t need to contact you further. It reduces the workload on your part and enables you to focus on client queries whose answers are not in the system. No wonder at least 40 million businesses are using Facebook messenger!

Facebook Ecommerce

Did you know that you can sell products and services straight from Facebook? Instead of taking your customers through tons of checks and redirections before they can check out, you can allow them to make purchases from your page. How? Facebook has a shop where you can list all the items on sale, complete with their descriptions and prices.

To make the deal even better, you can tag the products on pictures to make more sales. However, as much as the shop is a Godsend, you should be tactful in your sales strategy. You don’t want the page to feel too salesy, which can deter customers from trusting you.

Instead, spread out the sales messages with educational and entertaining content. For example, instead of discussing bedding options, how about educating people on how often they should change their bedding? Once people start coming to your page for advice, they will soon stumble on your products.

Facebook Ads

Have you ever advertised on Facebook? Most businesses have, and for a good reason. Let’s start with the fact that this platform has a huge audience, and you can tailor your ad to meet your specific audience. On top of that, the platform has a cost-effective cost-per-click, which can help you generate more website visits and clinch more sales.

So, what can you do to ensure that your ad does well? We recommend surveying your target audience. Who are they, and what do they want to see? For example, suppose you want to market a healthy meal guide.

What would you say about it? You must picture what your target audience will respond to (based on facts) then use this in your ads. You will then enjoy the success that other businesses have enjoyed on the platform.

Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags are common on Instagram and Twitter. But did you know that they also work on Facebook? Figure out which tags are best for each of your posts and incorporate them to get an even wider reach with your content.

Don’t forget to pay attention to user-generated content for ideas on what your audience wants to see. Good luck!

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