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Top 10 Websites Of The World – (Most Visited Websites)

World’s Top 10 Websites

We Surfed Daily Lot’s of Websites. The Some Websites are Informative or Some are None Informative.There are Million of Websites are On The Internet. That all Website have a use for The Different Purpose. Here I Share about The Top 10 Websites Of The World.I Find That Website With The Help of Alexa Rank.

Top 10 Website Of The World Surfed By The Billion Of Visitors

List Of Top 10 Websites :-

1) Google.Com :-

World's No.1 Search Engine

> Google is a Web Search Engine.Most Of all people Use Google For Finding Information From The Internet. So,It’s Called Search Giant. Google was Founded By Sergey Brin and Larry Page. I Love Google.

Visit :- Google.Com

2) Facebook.Com :-

World's No.One Social Networking Website

> Facebook is a World’s No. One Social Networking Website Founded By Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. Now Everybody Loves Facebook It Have a Millions of Registered Users.

Visit :- Facebook.Com

3) Youtube.Com :-

World's Best Video Sharing Website

> Youtube is a Platform for Upload,Download,Share and Watch The Video Online. Google Buy Youtube in February 2005 in 1.65 billion US$ From Paypal Employees.

Visit :- Youtube.Com

4) Yahoo.Com :-

Yahoo - Search Engine

> Yahoo was Founded by Jarry Yang and Devid Filo. It is also Web Search Engine like as Google. It also give the Facility of Yahoo Finance and Flicker.

Visit :- Yahoo.Com

5) Baidu.Com :-

China's Search Engine

> Baidu is a Chiness Language Internet Search Engine.Baidu Provide Simple and Flexible Search Result.Baidu indexed 740 Million Webpages.

Visit :- Baidu.Com

6) Wikipedia.Com :-

A Free Encyclopedia

> Wikipedia is a Free Encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software. Wikipedia was Launched On 2001 and Supported by Non-Profit Organization Wikimedia Foundation.

Visit :- Wikipedia.Com

7) Live.Com :-

Free E-Mail Service By Microsoft

> Microsoft’s New E-mail Services is Called Live. Now a Days Live is Most Popular E-mail Service.The Live Launched On 2005 with Gadget’s and Applications.

Visit :- Live.Com

8) QQ.Com :-

China Based Search Engine

> QQ is also a Search Engine Mostly Used in China. The Real Name of The QQ is a Tencant QQ.It Provides Instant Messaging Software Service in that 100 Million People Join Online Massaging with Each other.

Visit :- QQ.Com

9) Amazon.Com :-

Amazon - World's Best Retailer

> The Amazon Company Firstly Started For The Book Store. Than DVD,MP3 Download,Video Games and Toys. The Web Information Company Alexa was also Developed By Amazon.

Visit :- Amazon.Com

10)  Blogger.Com :-

Create Free Blog On Blogger.Com

> Blogger is a Platform For The Publish The Blog Created By The Pyra Labs.  Which was Bought By Google in 2003.The Blogs are hosted by Google with a Sub domain of Blogspot.Com. We can by Custom Domain From Google with Small Charge 10$.

Visit :- Blogger.Com

So,Here I Show You Top 10 Websites That Daily Surfed By The Billion Of Visitors.

Enjoy Friends..!!

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