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Typing Speed Test Online (Check Your Typing Skills)

In a world where computers have started to dominate a large part of almost any industry, it is important for you to not only understand the functioning of it but also have a good command over the keyboard. Computer literacy has become one of the essential skills for hiring in any field.

Typing Speed Test Online

An added advantage is having a good typing speed. Be it writers, teachers, programmers or any other field, data entry has become part and parcel of the day’s job. Since a majority part of the time is spent in thinking (in case of writers) or doing the actual work, having good typing speed with accuracy is a boon.

Not everyone is born with a great speed. This is something that you develop with time and practice. Since having good typing speed ensures that not only you save time on typing but are also available for doing work that actually matters (thinking!), it helps if you hone on your typing skills by practicing. Learning to type accurately and fast is an investment that is going to give you good returns in the future.

Advantages of Better Typing Skills

Learning to type offers certain advantages as mentioned earlier. It can open avenues for people as well as provide you with more time to spare. Here’s what you accomplish with better typing skills.

Job Prospects

Computer skills have become an integral part of the hiring process these days. A certain typing speed is expected as well as required by most employers while hiring people for the job. Taking Typing Speed Test ensures that you are aware of not only your speed but also have a chance of honing that skill.

Save Time 

Since time is of the essence in getting any job done, a better typing speed ensures that you get the work done on time but also have spare for other work. Typing is not the only work most people have to do (apart from typist, secretaries & personal assistants). Thus better typing skills save your time to be used more productively.

Reduced Fatigue 

Typing for longer durations can take its toll on you, not just mentally but physically too. Everyone knows that sitting long hours in front of the computer can prove detrimental for not just your eyes but also your body.

Wrong posture, excessive use of wrist and fingers can result in problems in the backbone as well as increase the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Learning to type better can reduce the time you spend in front of the computer screen, thereby reducing the stress on your body.

Better Accuracy 

Practicing your typing skills makes you accustomed to using your fingers all over the keyboard. You also get to memorize the location of the various keys. Thanks to it, you no longer have to type keeping your eye on the keyboard. This ultimately reduces your chances of making mistakes.

Usually, people end up correcting their mistakes at the end of the typing session when they look at the monitor and realize their mistake.

It generally takes more time to correct the mistake later on compared to if you can do so while typing. With practice you do not require to keep an eye on the keyboard and can focus on the monitor, thereby editing your mistakes simultaneously.

What Should You Choose – Speed or Accuracy?

Though each of the skill is important when it comes to typing, personally accuracy is important but not at the cost of speed. Having great speed while making a lot of mistakes are going to cost you time in correcting them; while accurate typing with slightly less speed might get the work done in better time.

Most sites conducting the Typing Speed Test, also inform you about the number of mistakes you made during typing which effectively reduces your speed per minute. Thus it is good to be fast but much better to be accurate.

Take typing tests regularly to not only increase your typing speed but also reduce your mistakes. Generally, an average typing speed of over 40 wpm (words per minute) is considered good which can be improved by taking Typing Speed Test online.

You can easily check your typing skills as a number of sites are available that help not only assess your typing speed but also tell you your typing accuracy. You can practice on any of the below-mentioned links to improve your typing skills, removing errors thereby enhancing your accuracy.

How to Boost Your Typing Skills?

Hiring for any job is based on not just your knowledge but also your confidence. Since we all know that typing and computer literacy form an integral part of the work these days, how competent and confident you are while handling computer and your typing skills provide an added advantage while going for an interview.

Having a good typing speed helps in a number of industries. Programmers with good typing skills can be more productive, people in the service industry are better adept at handling irate customers if they are faster on the computer, students who have a lot to do in limited number of hours can benefit with a better typing speed.

The importance of good typing speed is well understood by people. By making a few changes in the way you type you will be able to see the difference.Your body posture and the way you position your hand can make a huge amount of difference in your typing skill.

Keeping your eyes away from the keyboard and typing can reduce your mistakes and increase efficiency. The subconscious mind remembers where all the letters are and hence you can very well with practice type without having to look at the keyboard.

By taking any of the above-mentioned tests, you know exactly where you stand. Regular practice by either typing games or taking a class can considerably improve your typing skills.

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