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It’s a Jungle Out There! 4 Ways to Navigate the Jungles of Amazon E-Commerce and Improve Your Amazon Sales

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, pulling down millions of dollars every year. Given this, it’s no wonder that other retailers are looking to use Amazon as an additional e-commerce outlet.  When Amazon opened its doors to third-party sellers in 2000 by creating Amazon Marketplace, retailers got a whole new boon in gaining customers and increasing revenue.

Amazon E-Commerce and Improve Your Amazon Sales

Today, Amazon sales are still strong. But are you taking advantage of the meteoric rise of the Amazon Marketplace? To ensure you are making the most of your e-commerce money-making endeavors, here are a few tips to improve your Amazon sales.

Know Your Numbers

Logic predicts that if you’re selling a product online, you should know your target audience.  With a little research, you can get data on who your demographic is. Armed with this information, you can produce targeted advertising geared to enhancing your Amazon sales.

You should also know your competitor’s statistics in order to leverage yourself as more relevant and more appealing than your competitors.  You can do this by doing an Amazon review analysis which shows you what purchasers are saying about you and your competitors. A review analysis allows you to compare customer reviews in a way that broadens your insight and enables you to make better decisions focused on improving your Amazon sales.

Automate Your Amazon Business

If you have a ton of SKUs, and a thriving business, that’s great news – but it can be tough to keep track of all this information.  Luckily, there are apps and software that can make your life as an Amazon seller easier. For instance, you can track keywords linked to your products automatically, which will allow you to research which keywords are working in Amazon searches better than others.  You can also automate inventory, so you’re never surprised if you’re out of an item.

You can also automate “thank you” emails or promotional email campaigns.  Once you enter the data and set parameters such as “send an email when ___,” – everything becomes remarkably streamlined, making your job as an Amazon seller much easier.

Furthermore, automating your Amazon business allows you to pay closer attention to improving important things that enhance sales, such as marketing, customer service, and quality control.

Spruce Up Your Product Photos

Everything about shopping online is visual.  And, because shoppers can’t touch or sample a product – stunning images are crucial to improving Amazon sales.  The key to taking photos that encourages people to buy an item is to make them clean, crisp, and take shots from multiple angles.

Make every effort to shoot items in focus, such as using a tripod to steady your camera.  You can also use backdrops or a lightbox that isolates the image, making it more striking to the shopper.  Consider learning how to render flawless photos, and employ your findings, then watch your Amazon sales blossom.

Use Videos When Possible

Increasingly, videos are becoming the “it thing” when it comes to marketing or conveying information to consumers.  Whenever possible, use videos to showcase your product listings on Amazon.  Not only do videos tend to win a higher rank on search engines, but they also illustrate how a product works to a potential customer.

Even if your product is self-explanatory, consider making videos of people holding your item or decorating their homes with your product.  To be sure, videos can be a gamechanger when it comes to increasing your sales on Amazon.

In fact, 90% of consumers say videos help them make decisions about whether to buy a product on Amazon or not, and conversion rates increase by 80% when videos are employed on landing pages.


Of course, there are other ways to improve your Amazon sales.  Strategies such as encouraging customers to leave reviews, writing keyword-optimized sales content, running advertising campaigns, and building your customer subscriber list – all of these methods can boost your Amazon revenue.  Even offering promotions, discounts, and sales on Amazon can get your income rolling.

However, our research shows these aforementioned tips on increasing your e-commerce income are most advantageous to getting results. We hope these tips are helpful to you as you continue to master the online realm of Amazon Marketplace.

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