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The Wealthy Affiliate: Read This Review Before Joining

Wealthy Affiliate, established in the year 2005, can be best described as an online training platform that gives out courses on affiliate marketing. Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim put ideas together to create the wealthy affiliate.

These set of people (the founders) already have vast knowledge about everything that has to do with internet marketing, blogging, and the very easy possible ways to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate - The Home of Affiliate Marketing

Since the time it was started, it has grown to a community of about 1.4 million participants – online entrepreneurs and marketers are the major members of Wealthy Affiliate.

But before it is what it has become today, it is previously created to stand as keyword list membership platform.

A lot of people might be thinking right now in their heads about how to go about it, wealthy affiliate will offer other helpful tools like market research, domain registration, website building and every other thing you need to start your online business.

Right here, in this article, we will be telling you some important things you need to know about the Wealthy Affiliate: Read this Review Before Joining.

1] The Cost related to Wealthy Affiliate

You don’t need any fee to open an account with them as it comes with a freemium membership model.

The free version of wealthy affiliate will limit you to how much you can make use of their features but there is no time limit to which you can access it freely (this is a good advantage over other related platforms because you can always play around it and take your time to learn everything necessary you need to know about it).

It can be said that anyone that opens the free version wants to only know how it works because the user will be deprived of the important features that define the platform.

Anybody that is ready to explore the wealthy affiliate fully must be ready to open a premium account with a cost of $49 for every month the user is going to make use of the platform.

Some of the features you are going to enjoy when you set up the premium account are private messages, website builder, educational resources, website hosting, domain registration and many more.

2] The Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

The pros will be stating in this part of the article will give you an insight on some keys thing you need to know about the Wealthy Affiliate.

  • It will provide for you the necessary and adequate training materials you need to guide and put you through all you need to know about online business.
  • It will always be there to support you with the online community.
  • Wealthy Affiliate platform with a community of members that are closely linked.
  • Weekly live webinars where you can ask questions.

3] The Cons of the Wealthy Affiliate

  • Wealthy Affiliate does not allow users have full control over the website builder.
  • During the course of the training, the platform was mostly talking about how you can promote Wealthy Affiliate with the account of the owners to make money. Starters of Wealthy Affiliate are always misled by this act of theirs. This is why it is advisable for whoever wants to join the platform should carefully follow everything to detail about the Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The platform does not provide advanced educational material for people that are not beginners about marketing.

4] The Important Things You Need to Know Before Considering Joining

Affiliate Marketing has become extremely competitive as of a few years back. It has really gone beyond joining a few affiliate marketing programs or using it to build websites.

The platform now contains lots of dubious and fraudulent acts. This has really affected honest affiliate marketers that do not partake in doing dishonest reviews to gain reputation and credibility.

Anyone that is fully prepared and ready to make money online by partaking in online marketing businesses will need to create a concrete strategy because you are going to be competing with other affiliate marketers too.

So you will need to come up with the right plan that will make you stand above others. By doing this, you separate yourself from the rest.

You need to also know that Wealthy Affiliate is created basically for that people that have not really gone far as online entrepreneurs. This simply means that people with many years of experience about making money online won’t really gain much with the Wealthy Affiliate’s program.

For a more in-depth review on Wealthy Affiliate and a fresh perspective, click here for more information.

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