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What Creative Businesses Benefit From Large File Sharing Services?

In our digitized world of business, a greater and greater proportion of what we produce, share, publish and showcase is all handled online.

Gone are the days of completing things offline and then “uploading” to online spaces. Now, the creation process also happens online, and the resulting files that we have to share with colleagues and clients are getting larger and larger.

Large File Sharing Services

Video production file sharing is especially challenging, especially as new information tells us that online content accompanied by video is more engaging to any audience.

Businesses creating these kinds of files and others tend to seek out large file sharing services to help them manage large files and more easily share them, circumventing the limits of e-mail and messenger services. But what kinds of businesses benefit the most from this kind of service?

Creatives Find the Most Benefit

Generally speaking, it’s creative companies that benefit the most from this kind of service, but of course any business that deals with large files of any kind on a regular basis will find such a service helpful, too. Which types of creative business are most in need of large file sharing services?

Film and Television Studios

Creation of film and television art isn’t just about producing quality programming, but also about doing it within strict deadlines. It’s media that runs on a tight and predetermined schedule, but at the same time just about every single digital file produced is enormous and incapable of being shared through common channels.

Video has to get from shooting location to editing suites, and from editing rooms to clients and TV networks who are buying it, promoting it and ultimately broadcasting it. Therefore, there needs to be seamless movement of large data files and other information.


Connected with film and television studios, of course, are the post-production facilities that handle things like editing, the adding in of sound mixing, CGI effects, as well as subtitles, annotations, graphics and more.

In the hands of a post-production studio, a large raw video file gets even larger as more and more content is added and the overall quality is enriched and improved.

Just as with studios, the post-production process needs to move seamlessly as it meets tight but necessary deadlines to satisfy client needs.


Anyone who has witnessed the evolution of both amateur and professional digital photography has noticed the trend of photo file sizes getting bigger.

Computer hard drive and memory card capacities aren’t just growing on the back of technological improvement, but also out of necessity because of increasing file sizes that are harder to store and share. Digital photos are no exception.

A single photo might be alright to share via email or via an instant messaging service, but who on a professional level ever gets the luxury of working with single images? It’s always packets with dozens of images that have to be sifted through, selected, edited and integrated.

Marketing Companies

When it comes to digital marketing, things can get even more complicated. Between some creative businesses, exchanged files are large, but the amount of back and forth is a bit less.

In a marketing organisation, it’s the opposite. Multiple campaigns for multiple clients are being carried out, each of which has its own raft of digital imagery, videos and other large packets of files.

They have to move seamlessly from team member to team member, between lower ranks and management, and back again. Teams pass files back and forth like they’re playing pass the parcel.

Without large file sharing services, all these creative industries, along with others, would be struggling mightily in the digitized 21st-century.

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