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What Do Australian Shepherds Eat?

Bringing in our new Australian Shepherd puppy was a huge joy for the entire family. We’ve all wanted a dog for a long while, so we were more than ready to provide it with whatever is needed to live a good life.

That led us to wonder what food we should be feeding our new pup.

So, what should you feed an Australian Shepherd?

Dog Food for Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are a unique dog breed. They fall between large and medium dogs and have tons of energy. On top of that, each dog is different, so it can be hard to figure out which dog food would be best for your new Australian Shepherd.

However, more than a few general tips and tricks that can apply to Australian Shepherds could be a huge help in figuring out your dog’s new diet plan.

And in this article, we’ll be discussing the exact type of food Australian Shepherds need, along with some of the food in your pantry that’s best kept away from your pup.

What Food Do Australian Shepherds Need?

The first thing you need to know about Australian Shepherds is that they are somewhere in between large and medium dog breeds. So, if you’ve had experience raising pups of similar sizes, then you can follow a similar diet plan.

The best way to figure out what food to feed your Australian Shepherd is first to take a look at the breed’s general nutritional requirements. This gives you an idea of what types of nutrients they need in their diet. Then from there, you can adjust to your dog’s preferences and unique needs.

With that said, you always have to feed your Australian Shepherd high-quality dog food. This is because they are very energetic dogs that need high-quality meals to sustain their lifestyle. On top of that, these breeds have a double coat, which means they need nutrients to sustain their coats.

Carbohydrates are a great source of energy, so your dog will need a fair amount of those in their diet. It’s also important to introduce animal protein and fatty acids in a balanced manner to help them stay as healthy as possible.

Additionally, dogs are natural carnivores that have a hard time digesting plant materials. So, even if you prefer a mostly green diet, your dog won’t be able to handle these ingredients, so make sure not to skip over meat. You can check here the 6 best dog foods for Australian Shepherds in 2022.

Is Large-Breed Dog Food Enough for Australian Shepherds?

Since Australian Shepherds are sort of large dog breeds, it’s easy to assume that you should just get them large-breed dog food. And while this is a step in the right direction, keep in mind that this might not be enough for your pooch.

This is because every dog is different. For example, if you have an active Australian Shepherd that goes on regular hikes and walks, then it will need more food than one that usually stays at home.

Since these are energetic dogs, you may want to consider food options with high to moderate fat levels. This gives them the fuel they need to run around, which is something they enjoy doing naturally.

Again, you need to base your dog’s diet on their lifestyle. The more active the dog, the more food it needs, which is a great benchmark for providing your dog with a high-quality diet.

What Human Foods Can Australian Shepherds Eat?

While there’s no harm in giving your dog ready-made dog food, you shouldn’t hesitate to introduce them to human foods as well. This is because human food is packed with protein and nutrients, which could help your dog.

With that said, it’s important to note that not all human food is good for dogs. So to help you out, here are some of the different human foods that you can feed your Australian Shepherd for a healthy and balanced diet.


Eggs are a great food for dogs. In fact, they are a very safe source of protein and nutrients, which is why many people recommend introducing them to your dog’s diet. However, make sure that you don’t give your dog a raw egg.

Your dog will be able to handle and digest a raw egg with ease. However, the catch is that the eggs could carry some bacteria, which the dog can then pass to you. So to be safe, we recommend boiling the eggs before feeding them to your dog.


Fruits are another great and healthy snack for dogs. We recommend feeding Australian Shepherds apples, cucumbers, blueberries, bananas, and more. However, you have to make sure to prep the food properly to ensure that there’s nothing in the fruit that could cause your dog to choke or that would be hard to digest.

Additionally, make sure not to feed your dog too many fruits. This is because fruits have a lot of sugar, which can be dangerous to your dog if they have too much.


If you have some plain whole-grain bread at home, you may want to give some to your dog. This is because bread has a lot of carbohydrates which could be very beneficial to your pet.

With that said, bread also has a lot of calories. So, we suggest feeding it to your dog in moderation to avoid complications.

What Not to Feed Your Australian Shepherd

There are many human foods that you shouldn’t feed your dog. Remember, they have very different digestive systems and bodies compared to humans. So, some of the foods you may enjoy snacking on every day may be dangerous for your pet.

Some of these foods include garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, xylitol, and many more. We highly suggest that you research what pantry items are dangerous for dogs when adopting a new pet to ensure they live in a safe environment.


You have full control of your Australian Shepherd’s diet. However, you have to make sure they’re eating a balanced diet that sustains their needs. Since they are large and energetic dogs, they may need quite a lot of food, but this is absolutely necessary if you want them to live long and happy lives.

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