What Is The Qualification To Do Lifestyle Accessory Design?

Qualifications required for working as a Lifestyle Accessory Designer.

Lifestyle Accessory Design entails conceptualizing, designing, and creating varied wearable and non-wearable accessories that not only compliment but enhances the personality of its owner besides adding a splash of color& style and appealing aesthetically to people.

Qualification To Do Lifestyle Accessory Design

Accessories can be objects related to home décor or comfort products. It can also be personal accessories like jewelry, bags, footwear, scarves, hair accessories, etc. Lifestyle Accessory Design offers a platform for experimenting, processing, exploring, and self-expression.

Skills of Lifestyle Accessory Designer

Following are the skill set requirements.

Creative skills

Lifestyle Accessory Designers must have a creative bent of mind with good visualization skills to come up with innovative concepts and designs that are not unique but also is as per the client brief.

Good Understanding of colour

In order to design accessories that add to the personality of its owner, an excellent understanding of colours and patterns is a must. The accessories must complement and not fight for attention.

Passionate & Competitive

The passion and competitiveness will inspire Lifestyle Accessory Designer to introduce unique innovative concepts that can become trends.

Eye for Detail& analytical mind

Keen observation skills along with an analytical mind will help Accessory Designer in conceptualizing those designs that are not only distinct but are viable and profitable in their execution.

Up to date with trends

An Accessory Designer must be aware of people’s taste, their preferences, market realities besides being up-to-date with ensuing trends. This will help him connect with the masses and launch apt products with inappropriate patterns and materials.

Lifestyle Accessory Designer must have the business acumen to handle his work and come up with financially viable designs that are not only in sync with customer demand but are also unique.

Time Management

The accessory Designer must be capable of multi-tasking, handling pressure, and working long hours in order to meet deadlines.

Decision-making Skills

He should be able to evaluate pros and cons, open to suggestions and alternatives, and must have the ability to make rational decisions accordingly without wasting time.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a must to not only understand the client’s brief but also to communicate and sell concepts to various stakeholders besides working collaboratively with various teams.

Networking Skills

This will help him not only get new clients but also get the work done by various departments.

  • Knowledge about raw materials.
  • Patience.

Qualifications required

In order to work as a Lifestyle Accessory Designer, he should get a qualification from a college that offers a course in Lifestyle Accessory Design with the following features.

  • The course must offer competencies in designing both wearable and non-wearable accessories.
  • The students must gain knowledge about different materials, techniques, trends, consumer lifestyle, etc.
  • The students must get exposure through participation in competitions, internships, live projects as well as continuous interaction with industry stalwarts.
  • Up to date with the use of technology and software programs like CAD etc.
  • Certification recognised at the national level.

So do not hold back and express yourself by being a successful Lifestyle Accessory Designer.

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