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Who Uses Text to Speech (TTS) Applications?

TTS or Text-to-Speech technology is an advanced technology that helps you to convert the written text into a speech which you can listen to. It does not sound robotic in today’s world of technology.

Does it? A perfect example of this that every individual might know is Siri, which gives you directions and guides you through queries via voice/speech.

Who Uses (TTS) Text to Speech 

Text to Speech (TTS) Applications

Text to speech online first began for users with physical disabilities like blindness or dyslexia. It makes sense: TTS eases the internet experience for dyslexic people, low literacy readers, and others with learning disabilities by reducing the stress of reading.

Text to speech software isn’t beneficial for just such people but, when used by ordinary people it’s a time saver and a blessing. TTS can make life easier and make you more efficient.

Recent studies suggest that students retain more information when presented in both audio and visual formats, otherwise known as bimodal learning. Many schools and universities promote a combination of auditory and visual classes of presentations which makes the class interesting.

If you are having a busy schedule and want to catch up with the world news or want to read your favorite Soccer game article but you cannot due to lack of time, then TTS will recite it for you any time you wish to, even while you are walking, exercising or cleaning The leading experts in technology are now working to bring the online content directly in the audio format which will just be a click away.

As one age, it gets difficult for them to read and write and also adapt themselves according to the technology. There are many people out there who still do not use smartphones as they think they are complicated, unlike the old model mobiles. By introducing them to TTS, they might change their minds.

Text to speech is a perfect tool for users suffering from mild visual problems or those with sensitive eyes. Thanks to TTS, you can be more productive on days when staring at screens seems like pain too much to bear.

In fact, medical studies advise that exposure to light at night, particularly blue light from the screen has adverse health effects. It disrupts our biological clocks.

Studies show that listening to a different language aids students in learning the new language quickly. TTS does wonders with that. ReadSpeaker is International Text-to-speech software, featuring over 50 languages and more than 150 voices.

Their voices derive from native speakers. With ReadSpeaker, foreign language students can get the hang of the correct pronunciation. The software also helps the user by highlighting the words when reading aloud, so you don’t get to miss any word.

A TTS application known as the speech-generating device (SGD) is used for those people who suffer from severe speech impairments and who cannot communicate verbally. SGDs can now be integrated into smartphones. Stephen Hawking, who suffers from ALS is a well-known user of SGDs using TTS technology.

To conclude, TTS is used by many people, for many different reasons! If you haven’t started using TTS, you are missing something good. So, go ahead and try out the latest technology, what are you waiting for!

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