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Online Virus Scanners to Scan Files, Folders and Documents

Online virus scanners are a must have in this internet driven world. There are several scams and notorious activities going on online. Your personal information is at stake if you do not have a good online virus scanner installed on your computer system. It is imperative to scan any file, folder or document before downloading and saving it on your system.

Free Online Virus Scanners You Can Trust

Free Online Virus Scanners

The demand for online virus scanners has increased over the time. As a result, several of these have surfaced in the market. It can thus be quite difficult to choose one among the many available options. To make this task easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best online virus scanners.

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BitDefender Quick Scan

BitDefender is one of the most popular and widely used virus scanners. If you have been looking for a virus scanner for some time, you sure must have come across this one. It offers application for Windows. The online virus scanner also provides virus protection. It is fast and efficient.

You can check your documents using this scanner within no time. It also checks the drives in a fraction of seconds. Any virus or spyware can be detected quickly with Bitdefender. It uses remote servers to conduct the scanning procedure. So, it does not impact your computer’s speed.

Virus Total

Virus Tool is one of the most trusted online virus scanners. It facilitates uploading any file or site on its server. The file or site is subsequently scanned thoroughly. It has many features that enable different scanning services.

You can make use of these features to keep your system safe. It allows scanning emails and URLs also. So, running this can ensure all your information is safe. It is available for Windows as well as Android.

Panda Active Scan

Panda Protection has designed Panda Active Scan. It helps get rid of all kinds of viruses and spyware. Panda Active Scan is easy to use. It comes with a Quick Scan option. You can quickly scan your files and folders using this option. However, the Full Scan option is considered better. This is because it thoroughly checks your system for viruses.

Trend Micro Housecall

A renowned Japanese security company, Trend Micro has designed this online scanner. Trend Micro Housecall reads your computer files and folders. It is quick and smart. Our systems are attacked by all kinds of spyware and malwares these days.

You can detect these in a matter of seconds with this online virus scanner. It is light and therefore, easy to run. You can use it on Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1.

Metadefender – Online Virus Scanner

Metadefender is an advanced virus scanner. It has several features to scan and protect your files and documents. It allows uploading any kind of file and scans it quickly. However, the file must be less than or equal to 140 MB in size. You can scan these files one after the other. It marks the damaged or infected files in red.

Free Online Virus Scan

Dr. Web

Dr. Web reads files and folders and checks if they are safe to use. The online scanner is easy to use. You can run it on your system swiftly. The results displayed by it are easy to understand. Thus, you quickly know which documents are good to use and which ones are not. Dr. Web is a favourite among the techies. It is popular worldwide.

ESET Free Online Scanner

ESET is a well known IT security company. It offers free online scanner to safeguard your system. The easy to run scanner detects different kinds of malwares and viruses on your system. It does the task in few seconds.

ESET also offers antivirus solutions. It works for Windows, Android, Linux OS as well as Macintosh. It is recommended to use these to keep your computer system clean and protected.

Bull Guard Virus Scan

Bull Guard is yet another free and efficient online virus scanner. It scans through files, folders and documents to keep the system protected. You require installing its browser extension.

This extension enables it to read the documents. Bill Guard Virus Scan scans through the documents swiftly and easily. It checks different kinds of files and processes. It also scans through plug-ins and internet connections. The scanner subsequently generates a report to show the results.

F-secure Online Scanner

F-secure online scanner offers quick scanning solution. It secures your computer system with minimal effort. You just require installing its client software. F-secure installs inside your program and runs subsequently. The application is very small and easy to install. It does a thorough check and reports about viruses and spyware within no time.


Avira is yet another well known online scanner. It works for Windows as well as Mac. You can easily scan URLs, files and folders with Avira. It allows scanning five files at a time. You just have to fill up an application to start the virus scan. The scan results are sent on your email. The process is quick as well as reliable.

Well, these are indeed some of the top online scanners. You can scan your files, folders and documents using these scanners. They keep your computer systems safe and your information secure.

And the best part is that these are available for free. You do not require spending anything in order to use these. Safeguarding the computer systems has never been this easy.

If you haven’t downloaded one yet, it is time you do. We shall soon be back with more such useful information.

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