Wondershare MobileTrans – The Phone-to-Phone Transfer Solution

We live in a social media era and Whatsapp is one of the most-used apps on our phone to stay in touch with people.

The affordability and popularity of this app puts it at the top as long as sharing documents and media are concerned. The content that we share on Whatsapp is highly important and so there is a requirement for heightened security. It is ideal to create a backup, particularly when it’s stored in a gadget like your computer.

Wondershare MobileTrans

On speaking about backup, you must be wondering on how to backup Whatsapp from iPhone to PC or how to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone.

Well, if this is going on in your mind, you should keep reading as we’re going to tell you more on Wondershare MobileTrans – World’s #1 Phone-to-Phone transfer solution.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Wondershare MobileTrans is a desktop application that assists more than 50,000,000 users to deport data from one phone to another. This app also lets you transfer Whatsapp and other social apps and get back data from cloud backups. It helps you save your time and move everything with a single click!

Phone to Phone Transfer Solution

How MobileTrans helps backup & transfer messages from iPhone to PC

Do you like to backup Whatsapp messages from iPhone to your computer through this effective third-party tool called MobileTrans? Well, if you do, you should know that this tool has a high perform as long as restoring and backing up data are concerned. Backing up Whatsapp chats are also included within this app’s superpower.

MobileTrans allows you to seamlessly transfer Whatsapp chats and history as this transfer is never restricted. You just need to take 3 simple steps and all your Whatsapp data like messages, pictures, attachments and other things can be transferred from iPhone to PC. Here are few things MobileTrans helps you with.

  • Backup Whatsapp photos, chat history, attachments, videos and voice notes in just a single click.
  • Backup your LINE, KIK, Viber and different other chats easily.
  • Transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone, iOS to Android and vice-versa.
  • Process of transfer is safe, secured and fast with no such data loss.

Steps to take for a successful backup

Connect the iPhone to the computer

Once you’re done with the download and launch of the app, begin the Whatsapp backup iPhone to computer by selecting the option that reads – ‘Backup Whatsapp messages’. Connect the iPhone like you do an external device to the PC. The PC should give you a message that it has found a new device.

Start the backup process

As the PC identifies your device, the process of recovery is pretty easy. Click on the ‘Start’ option to allow the process of backing up to initiate. Once you do that, the progress bar will highlight the time that is left for completing the backup.

Backup Whatsapp from iPhone to PC through Email

It is easy to send Whatsapp messages through email but it is not always same with backing them up. This method generates a TXT file and hence with this kind of file extension, just 10,000 messages are sent at a single time. Nevertheless, the chances to restore them back to your iPhone is a big challenge.

Therefore, there are several users who choose to backup Whatsapp messages from their iOS phone to their PC, utilizing their email. Thanks to the high-tech smartphones and gadgets, you can link your email address with the Whatsapp app.

The benefit of email backup is that it is easily accessible until you have a strong internet connection. The data is also available for around 30 days within which it can be retrieved. Here are the steps to take to backup Email Whatsapp chat history.

    • Launch Whatsapp on your smartphone and go to the conversation that you wish to backup.
    • Check the navigation bar and tap on the contact’s name or on the subject of the group.
    • Scroll down to the ‘Email conversation’ option.
    • At this stage, you get an option to attach media or mail the content sans media. Choose whichever option you want to.
    • Next enter your email address. Click on the ‘Send’ button. It will send the chat history in the form of an attachment to the mail.
    • Use your login details to get access to your mail account from the computer. There you may view all the other Whatsapp chats.

MobileTrans – Services it offers

  • Transfer data in between phones

Wondershare MobileTrans is the best software for deporting contacts between Android and iPhone and other types of data including apps, photos, messages, songs and videos.

Apart from being compatible with various OS like Android and iOS, it works with Windows too. Hence, you can easily transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone, from iPhone to PC and much more.

  • Whatsapp transfer, restore and backup

With MobileTrans, you can transfer Whatsapp to a new phone through just one tap. Not only does it help in transferring but it also lets you keep your chat history safe by backing up data to your PC. In order to get back your chat history or messages, restore the Whatsapp back up again to your device.

WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore

  • Backup from Phone to Computer

Backup Android and iOS devices to your computer with the help of the extremely intelligent MobileTrans interface in few clicks, no iCloud and no iTunes are required. You also have to choose the kind of data to backup on PC and Mac as according to your preference. MobileTrans doesn’t overwrite your backup files.


Wondershare MobileTrans works well with all latest models of Samsung, iPhone, HTC and Windows phone and different other smartphones and tablets up to iOS 14 and Android 10.

It is highly trusted by customers as the top-rated mobile phone data transfer software that has more than 700k customers and till now has more than 50 million software downloads. So, if you’re trying to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone, you can anytime choose this highly efficient mobile app.

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