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Best 10 Websites To Learn Programming Easily

Websites To Learn Programming

Technology is improving more and more every day, so it is very important to learn basic programming in today’s life. Programming is a language which understands by machines. It’s easy to learn programming and no need to go any classes. We can learn programming by own online. Here, I give you Best 10 websites to learn programming easily.

Websites to Learn Programming

1. Code Academy:

Code Academy is free online classes to learn programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. It’s also including Basic language like HTML and CSS. Learning Programming on this Site is very easy. There are bunches of lessons, exercises and projects on this site, which help you to learn programming languages. By completing these exercises you will get scores. This system will track your day by day progress while you learn any programming language. A very interface while learn any programming language makes this site very popular. You can also create your own course by a course creator tool on this website.

2. Code Avengers:

Code Avenger has free courses like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Its Courses designed in level, lesson and tasks. As you complete tasks you will learn language as well. This site makes interesting way to learn programming. Few instructions with entertainment make you to love this website while learn programming language. There is also facility to set up class if you want to teach and organize classes to make some money.

3. LearnStreet:

If you want to learn Basics of Python and Ruby this is a best site. It also has a JavaScript in its basket. Its also provide Lessons and exercises just as a Code Academy and Code Avengers. Its CMD like Style make it different and look like programming environment when you take its exercises. Projects on this website are also helping you to improve your programming skills.

4. W3schools:

website is best for you. Educate yourself in web development by exploring this site. W3schools covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and JQuery tutorials and 1000+ examples. I like “Try it yourself” button provided on W3schools, so you can try yourself any codes after reading of tutorials. W3schools is very popular not only for beginners but also in experts, because its tutorials covers all part of web development.

5. Mozilla Developer Network:

Here you will find plenty numbers of tutorials provided by Mozilla. MDN provide tutorials for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is a network like Wikipedia where you can edit or submit any document. This network is for beginner as well as experts also.

Websites to Learn Programming Online

6. Programmr:

Programmr has big basket in which is full of many languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Android, IOS, JAVA, C++, C#. Programmr also provide Ajax, Flash and Games in its Category. Easy examples   on programmr are best thing on it. Projects and Contests make your learning very exciting.

7. Homeandlearn:

Homeandlearn covers Basic computing, Basic JAVA, Web designing, Basic PHP, C#, DOTNET, VB.NET in its topics. Here you will find simple and clean tutorials which you will love to read.

8. Udacity:

Here you will find courses regarding HTML, JAVA, Web Development, and Python. Udacity provide its courses through video lectures. If you like video lecture then this a best stop for you to learn programming.
Above All websites are providing their services free. Now here I introduce some sites which provide online programming courses after taking subscription charges.

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9. Treehouse:

If you like Projects while you learn, then this is a best site to find your course to learn programming, Treehouse provide courses for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX and Database. To get full access of its full video courses, you have to pay 25$ monthly subscription charge. You can also subscribe to 49$ monthly plan if you want to get some industrial projects and want to join its workshops.

10. CodeHS:

You like to learn Game programming?? Then this site is for you. You can also learn JavaScript and Animation here. Its monthly charge is 25$.

Well, this is a list from me for learning programming online. Hope you will find this list helpfully, tell me your experience if you learnt from any of these websites.

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    Nice list. I’m a big fan and regular user of W3 schools. A great site that provides free lessons ! is another such site that I’ll suggest.

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