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10 Amazing Facts of People Born In August

People born in August walk in the light! They have some amazing qualities that make them such outstanding personalities. Not only are they good in looks but have a very magnetic personality.

They are popular for that straightforward demeanor that can shock people sometimes.  Following are some amazing traits of people born in August.

Characteristics of People Born In August

Legends are born in August

Legends are born in August

August born are known for keeping their life a secret from the rest.

They are very private people

They are very private people

Being alone doesn’t bother them at all and they value the time spent alone. They are very private people and love to make decisions in complete isolation so that they are able to figure out everything in a straightforward manner. They truly believe in listening to everyone and deciding on their own. This is why they love privacy so much.

‘Told you so’ is kind of their forte.

Kareena Kapoor

They are right, no matter what. Deal with it

Being intelligent and witted is one of their skills which is why they know a lot of things and might offer advice whenever you are in need. They might also be forceful on taking the course of action suggested by them as they know they are right. Arguing with them might not work out in your favor. On being proven right they are very quick to say ‘told you so’.

Their mood swings makes them very rude sometimes.


Big time crazy moody

Though August born are usually very nice people but mood swings make them really nasty and they might talk all sense of rude things that their closed ones don’t want to listen. They get unstable by small things that happen around them and don’t let their feelings out readily but their mood is evident on their face.

They express better in writing then face to face.

Deepika Padukone

They better express themselves through writing

People born in August are very uncomfortable in sharing their feelings with others in a face to face conversation which is probably the reason why they are phenomenal writers and express themselves fluently on paper. If they really want to express themselves they will find a way to get a letter across to you.

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”750″ size=”17″ bg_color=”#317dbf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]“Likhe jo khat tujhe.. jo teri yaad me, wo Augustie hai” 😛 [/mks_pullquote]

They have a very scarce company.

Why I am Single Pic

Not everyone’s friend

Because of their private nature and very self contained nature they don’t make very many friends. It takes them a lot of time to express themselves which is why they get along with very few people.

They are also very specific in choosing their friends very smartly. Once they offer somebody a hand they never fall back on their end of the relationship.

They are all misers in their own way.

money manager

Don’t like wasting money

Wasting money is something they hate. Their high self-esteem and self-respect make them quite self-sustainable and they never ask for money from anyone. They are solely dependent on themselves which makes them very good money managers which is why they are able to manage finance so easily.

They are quite the perfectionists.

Salman Khan

They seek perfection In everything

Not even a single pen or eraser should be out of place. They are very easily attracted to things that are out of order and yearn to fix such things.

Their anger is quite unexpected if things are not done their way or matched to the level of perfection. Hygiene is not something they can compromise with and an unkempt surrounding can make them furious.

August born are very dull when it comes to people.

Aamir Khan

They are very dull when it comes to people

It takes a lot to keep them entertained. They are not good with names and forget them quite frequently if they find that person boring. Their attention is very rarely focused on something and once focused they never forget that focus point.

They are not very good in expressing.

Bollywood Actor Rajinikanth

They have difficulty in showing their pain

They are not really comfortable in sharing their struggles with others and keep their pain and suffering to themselves. They are very restricted people when it comes to expressing emotions.

Anger comes finds them very easily.

Actor Akshay Kumar

Very easily angered

Ill temper is their ill guest but they can’t really help it. They tend to get angry on things that are not usually in the control of people. Not knowing something that is obvious to them might get them angry or even something they expect you to know.

Patience is not one of their virtues and they really need to work at it. They can sometimes be really hard on people and tend to stray away from them. They are sensitive and volatile which is why it is advisable to not get into any kind of argument with them.

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  • Wowww
    Everything they said here is just me
    I am an August born
    But I like hanging out with a few close friends, I due share my secrets with my sister.

  • Wow, My birthdate is Aug 12, and majority of the characteristics are not remotely close to my daily being. I have many close friends I trust and hangout almost on a daily basis, i’m generous with money and the giving of my material possessions to a fault causing me to struggle financially, I’m certainly not a loner as I am apart of many groups both politically and socially. I have writers block when trying to write a letter, I’m more comfortable with face to face conversations. Etc…

    However, I do get angry, but am not quick to anger. I’d rather give the other person the opportunity to explain their side first before I give an angry response if deserved, my reaction is to give someone the benefit of the doubt. However I am quick to anger when I’ve purchased something And I am not provided what is promised! I do dislike how I respond when feeling I’m being taken advantage.

    I’m glad I am grounded enough not to let your belief that all people born in August have the same characteristics in which it obviously does not in my case.

  • Aaah, it’s like u guys were describing me.
    It has really made ma day, my birthday that this is natural , everything I feel, or I have on me.