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SolidSEOTools – Best SEO Tools Ever For Free

Solid SEO Tool is one of the best SEO Tools software launched in the market that has some cool options for you to glide through. Here you will find a kit full of features that are helpful, flexible and help to make your SEO work compact. They are providing a lots of free seo tools. Which is really awesome for all.

SolidSEOTools – All In One SEO Tools

It is indeed a tough job for the blogger to execute their SEO on different website or access different tools, if they find something assembled at one place, and then it is surely going to benefit them a lot. The best online SEO tools that helps to test your blog or website at one place.

Whether you want to check the page rank of the blog or look at the backlinks or may be at time need to count the character or words, then you have to keep on hopping from one site to another. Keeping on repeating this process will make your consume more time and if you need to keep on refreshing your blog regularly it becomes a tough task. Perhaps if you run a news blog or website this free SEO tools will definitely come handy.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

It has 41 features assembled at one place. We are going to take you on a brief ride on each of the tool mentioned in the software for easy grasping as to know what each tool does –

List of SEO Tools:

Article Rewriter:

Article Rewriter is a tool features that help you to rewrite an article if you have to keep on updating your blog or website with contents and of unique nature on a daily basis. They give you spunky clean and unique article in a few seconds.

Plagiarism Checker:

One of the best features in the online best SEO tools to check if your content is plagiarized and restrict the copyright actions if any found. This plagiarism seo tools enables you to check from where the content is copied and how much unique the content is this.

Backlink Maker:

You can create easy backlinks and of high quality with this Backlink Maker feature.

Backlink Checker:

You can easily check the quality of the backlinks associated with your website and blog

Meta Tags Analyzer:

Helps to seek the Meta tags that your competitors use these days and assess how you can place them strategically to grab an awesome benefit

Meta Tag Generator:

You can generate easy and optimized Meta tags with this tool

XML Sitemap Generator:

XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

They help you to generate the sitemap of the entire website or a blog in few seconds

Keyword Position Checker:

You might using a horde of keywords and it might not be possible to check all of them at one go is not possible without this feature of the tool

Robots.txt Generator:

Essential to have in your kit and generate robot.txt file You should know that for Google rules and webmaster requirements robots.txt is must needed for your website. So don’t forget to use the robots.txt generator.

Word Counter:

Helps to counts the number of words and character used in a particular article or blog. Words counter is mainly useful for content writer and other bloggers. But it’s too much essential for all if any one wants to make his website fully seo optimized with perfect keywords density.

Link Analyzer:

Makes it easy to locate the internal and external links within the website.

Online Ping Website Tool:

Allow your website to have a ping easily so that Google crawl it quickly

Alexa Rank Checker:

Check your Alexa rank to get the viable traffic data, global rankings and more

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Page Rank Checker:

Check your page rank in the to know how much value does Google shares with you online

My IP Address:

Track your IP instantly with geographic location and everything in details

Keyword Density Checker:

helps to check how many times you have been using the same keyword. It helps to control whether to increase the density or lower it. For Google ranking keyword density is one of the best factor.

Google Malware Checker:

One of the handy features in this free SEO tool is to track whether any malware has affected your website or not.

Domain Age Checker:

Check out what is the age of your domain and find out if the license has expired and when you need to renew it

Whois Checker:

Whois Checker

Whois Checker

Now get to know everything about your domain or competitor’s domain to find out nooks and scopes.

Domain into IP:

yet another eminent tool that help you to convert your domain name into IP address easily and in an orderly fashion.

DMoz Listing Checker:

check out whether your blog or website is listed in DMoz directory

URL Rewriting Tool:

This allows you to optimize the URL and use the desirable keyword to promote your content

www Redirect Checker:

That is cool enough as you get to know whether the particular web page get redirected.

Mozrank Checker:

Allows you to check the Mozrank after listing your website

URL Encoder/Decoder:

One of the eminent Online best SEO tools to encode and decode the URL accordingly

Server Status Checker:

Check out the status of your server while you work on the blog

Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator:

That is important as browsers and the screen size differs you need to know to optimize the website and make it content ready.

Page Size Checker:

helps to know the exact page size to optimize it

Blacklist Lookup:

Take a quick look at the websites that you have out in the blacklist page

Reverse IP Domain Checker:

Helps to gather data and information on a particular website hosted on a single IP

AVG Antivirus Checker:

Setting up the anti-virus and check whether you have been listed in the anti-spam directory or not

Link Price Calculator:

Link Price Calculator

Link Price Calculator

Calculate easily how much you pay every month for those text link ads for your blog or website

Yahoo Directory Checker:

Check out whether you are in the directory list of Yahoo or not

Domain Hosting Checker

To know about the hosting company or your or other’s website

Get Source Code of Webpage:

Easily draw out the HTML source code of the web page

Google Index Checker:

Find out the indexing of your website at a single stroke

Website Links Count Checker:

Find out how many outbound or inbound links are connected to your website. Here are some latest additions, which will definitely grab your attention –

Class C IP Checker:

That helps to locate the IP address and find out if it is safe and protected

Online MD5:

It helps you to encode passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data

Website Page Speed:

The best SEO tool feature which help you to track the speed and performance of your webpage.

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Code to Text Ratio:

Something different as it help to gain knowledge of the HTML and the text used to complete a whole content.

Here are some of the common lists of the SEO Tools that you will love to use to ease your task of regular blogging or publishing and perk up your SEO.

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  • Hi Harshil, I’ve tried class C IP checker from solid seo tools, and it really works. You will find more premium quality SEO Tools for free on :

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    Awesome collection of SEO Tools. This is a very useful tools to the newbie of SEO.

    It is a new free SEO tools focused on article rewriter, plagiarism checker, website analysis. Mobile checker, sitemap generator, backlink checker and many other capabilities.

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    I have used solidseotools which is a great tool. I have used another similar tool which offers some additional tools.

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    SolidSEOTools is a great source, I’ve found another one that is full of new custom made solutions such as WordPress Theme Detector, Backlink Finder, Grammar Checker and many more… You should check this out here

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