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Best VPN for Venezuela In 2021: Bypass Maduro’s Censorship

Venezuela is among countries going through a political and economic crises that gave rise to the Maduro’s censorship. The government has partially blocked the internet limiting what the citizens have access to.

This has forced the general population to find alternatives to help them access the different platforms on the internet that they need.

Best VPN Services for Venezuela

Best Venezuela VPNs

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have come in handy for Venezuelans at this time enabling them to enjoy the various provisions of the wide web without being flagged down.

Before we discuss the best VPN for Venezuela in 2021, it is vital to discuss the key features that users should look out for to ensure they get the best deals in the market that will cater to their needs with minimal or not hassle.

Here are some of the intricate elements that all users should bear in mind when looking for a VPN to use in Venezuela.

Integrated kill switch

None of the VPNs in the market are 100% secure necessitating the need for a kill switch to help terminate the connection preventing the leak of the users true IP. Most people overlook this critical feature which costs them in the long run.

A kill switch shuts down the transfer of unencrypted data keeping the user safe at all times. Important to note is that some VPNs do not have this feature. The purpose of the VPN helps dictate whether a kill switch is a matter of life and death or not.

Other include this feature but the user has to turn it on in the settings panel. One should always check for this feature and whether it is on before trusting a particular program wholly.

Anonymous Domain Name System servers

When using any of the VPN alternatives present for users across the globe, the main goal is privacy. DNS resolution is the process that allows the system to turn the address you type in the browser into an IP one.

When selecting a VPN, the user should confirm that the one they choose has an anonymous DNS system that will keep the browsing data away from unauthorized third parties and the internet service provider. The VPN provider should include this feature to guarantee the privacy of all users at all time.

No log policy

The different developers who bring VPNs to the market have logging policies that users should pay attention to before they choose the ideal option for their needs. Some of the alternatives in the market keep some aspects of the users browsing history for months while others do not.

Those that store any kind of info can hand them over to the authorities when requested to do so. The user ought to read through the privacy policy by the developer before trusting any VPN they come across. Reviews from experts in this realm and other users will help you make an informed choice.

These three are among the vital features to consider but they are not the only ones. Other aspects such as cost, router support, mobile compatibility, and server locations will affect the choice of one VPN over the others available. Below we reviews some of the best alternatives for Venezuelan users in 2021.


One aspect that makes this VPN stand out is the fact that they do not have any servers in Venezuela which is a plus for people in the country looking to bypass the censorship put in place by the government. The main disadvantage of this feature is for those outside the country trying to access content from the region as it is impossible.

NordVPN is ideal for both locals and tourists getting into Venezuela for different reasons. The fast speed and top-notch privacy features are among those that have propelled the popularity of this virtual private network in the country and beyond.

The developer incorporates the AES-256 encryption which guarantees the safety of all users. This technology also protects the connection and online traffic ensuring no third-parties have access to what the users in the network are browsing on the internet.


SurfShark is among the inexpensive options that Venezuelans and those visiting the country can consider. The developer has a total of 32oo servers located in 65 countries. They also have a virtual server in Venezuela that allows foreigners to access sites and data from the country.

The servers boast of fast speed with unlimited bandwidth and robust connections that allow all users to get the content they want within the shortest time possible.

The developers use the industry’s leading encryption technology to protect the true IP of users as well as their data. This VPN has desirable features such as split tunneling, a kill switch, secure protocols, DNS and leak protection.


This VPN comes with a one-click solution that allows the user to bypass the censors set by the government and access the sites they are interested in. Expert reviews indicate that this is one of the best option for Venezuelan residents and visitors.

The developer has an extensive server network with 7200 servers in 117 different locations distributed across 91 countries. The military grade security system, leak protection, secure protocols, and a kill switch are among the top features that make this VPN a suitable choice for a wide breadth of the demographic.

CyberGhost is compatible with an assortment of operating systems including but not limited to macOS, Windows, routers, and streaming devices. Users should know that connections for this VPN fluctuates time and again but this is nothing to worry about as the kill switch guarantees their privacy when the system goes down.

Numerous reasons prompt people to use a VPN. Buying the software from a reputable developer with a responsive customer support system will help eliminate most of the problems that users face when using the different variations available in the market.

The VPN one chooses should be able to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship set by the Maduro government. Evaluating ones needs before going out to find an ideal choice to use is critical in ensuring that the alternative selected has all the necessary features.

For instance, if a user needs a VPN to access video streaming services, they ought to be specific to ensure the one they purchase has no limitations to such sites.

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